• How to spend February 14

    If you have a loved one, the question of how to spend February 14 is already exactly half resolved! It remains only to fill the gaps with something bright, entertaining and impressive, so that this day will remain in the memory of both of you for a long time. One of the most important moments is where to spend February 14th. The nature of the evening will depend on the place of "location".

    Girl with hearts

    Home privacy

    If you prefer a quiet home environment, do not change your habits and arrange yourself an unforgettable romantic evening in the family nest. As an alternative to everyday “scenery”, you can offer to rent a house near the city or a hotel room. So you will be able to stay alone and at the same time do not have to worry about such household trifles as washing dishes and cleaning the next day. Only the magical moments of unity and love will remain in your memories.

    Romantic evening at home

    At home, you can afford to do anything, this is the main advantage. You feel more relaxed and at ease, and what else is needed for privacy with your loved one?

    A restaurant

    A trip to the restaurant is not a key event of Valentine's Day, but plays the role of a prelude to a romantic and passionate ending.
    Useful advice: if you decide to spend February 14 in a restaurant, take care of ordering a table in advance. On the day of the holiday, you can hardly find anything decent, so reserving a place will be the best solution.

    Romantic dinner

    If the noisy open rooms are not for you, reserve a private cabin for two. There you will be hidden from prying eyes and you can fully enjoy each other's company.


    If you do not want to sit at home or in a restaurant on such a special day, spend it in the bath! Such an extraordinary way to spend February 14 with a loved one will help you to get to know each other better and become a little healthier. It is not only about the Russian bath with oak brooms, and the sauna and the Turkish bath will do; the main thing is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere of such institutions by itself contributes to the intimacy and excitement with proper mood, and if you grab candles and a bottle of wine, the lovers' day will be just perfect!

    Relaxation at the spa

    Horse ride

    Why not ride a horse on such an unusual day? Closeness to nature will awaken the warmest sincere feelings in you and will let you know each other even better. It’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than riding a horse through a winter forest ... And if you arrange everything so that it ends in a warm house, where the floor is covered with rose petals, and logs crackle in the fireplace, there will be no limit to the delight of your second half!

    Horse ride in winter


    For fans of extreme nothing is impossible, especially if they are together! Skydive on Valentine's Day to enjoy your immense love above the clouds. Climb a high mountain and develop thousands of small paper hearts from its top! Ride on skis or snowmobiles so that you will remember this day for many years.


    No matter where to spend February 14, the main thing - with whom.

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