• How to start playing sports at home?

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    There are plenty of fitness programs for the iPhone and Android, where you can create a personalized scheme of training. This is especially convenient for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Regular reminders will help you on holiday not to slip the net, and encouraging stars / cups will further stimulate new sports records. After all, hand on heart, we are all children and love when we are praised.

    Some terminology

    Best for practicing at home is suitable for circular training. This is a high-intensity method of training, the principle of which is to consistently and almost continuously perform exercises on different muscle groups (for example, squats, pushups, abdominal exercises, etc.). One round can include from 4 to 12 different exercises, in which 50-second activity alternates with 15-second pauses, or an approach (10–20 or more repetitions in each approach) - so in a circle 4–8 times. Thus, in a relatively short time, you are working on the maximum number of muscle groups.

    Circle Training Benefits

    A large number of repetitions in combination with low weight (or with its own weight, that is, without additional weighting) muscle fibers that are responsible for endurance, work.

    Intensive work of all muscle groups (including cardiac) speeds up metabolism, which, combined with proper nutrition (mainly from whole plant foods) and aerobic exercise (running, including in place, jump rope, walking, including the stairs , bike, jumping, etc.) helps to effectively combat excess weight.

    But the main advantage of such exercises is their accessibility. For training "in a circle" practically no additional equipment is required. To get started, you just need a pad and a stopwatch (oh, yes, of course, a floor mirror and a camera with a camera in order to daily get your results for an insta-story). Everything else: dumbbells, weights, ball, jump rope, etc., - is definitely cheaper than a subscription to a fitness club. Also, as an additional burden, you can safely use any available tools - books, bottles with sand or water, for example.

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