• How to start thinking positively if you are neurotic with experience

    Tell me honestly, you are annoyed by endless advice, how to become an optimist, act confidently, think consciously? Annoyingly for certain, especially if you are a neurotic - an anxious, insecure person, to whom all this new philosophy does not seem so rosy. Another neurotic inherent depression and fatigue, mainly from all these recommendations. And it seems like a neurotic is happy to try to set up thinking in a new way, but there is no motivation for it. Vicious circle.

    And what to do if a person suddenly suddenly decides for himself that, perhaps, it is enough to suffer and it’s time to start living? First, recognize that he is neurotic. Not crazy, and thank God. Without accepting the problem, no changes will begin. Drama is also not worth rolling up - not the end of the world after all. To recognize your neuroticism is already the beginning of work with yourself. What to do next? Listen to yourself, your feelings, allow everything to be,not to engage in self-flagellation and to accept-accept gradually all sensations. Allow them to be. That is, it is absolutely impossible to blame yourself for anything. And the point.

    What do we do next? We forget about the eternal whining on the topic "my parents did not like me." From now on you are your own parent. Go to the mirror and talk to yourself. Sit on the sofa, cover with a rug and listen to yourself. Do all the things that will set you up for “communication” with you. In difficult situations, do not rush to join another person, try to become a support for yourself.

    How to start thinking positively if you are neurotic with experience

    Another good tip is not to be led by a stressful situation. Deliberately stop responding, even though it seems to be something cosmic. Through the power, close your eyes to the negative, whether it is a tram left in front of your nose or difficult negotiations at work. If you still get into an unpleasant situation, hold on for ten minutes without a breakdown and thinking about it - the effect of useful meditation will not keep you waiting. After these ten minutes, you will realize that nothing happened in such a short time of lack of thoughts and emotions.

    Make yourself a marathon "Thirty days of happiness." Well, take twenty or start at ten.You already know how to watch yourself, so it's time to record all the joys that come your way. That is, the goal is to see exceptionally good. At first, it may not work, if only because you do not yet have this habit. And then you will feel that this is a really pure thrill - to see happy moments in the surrounding space and joyful little things. Hold on these days without negativity, you will like it.

    Of course, together with these tasks you will encounter the fact that you will feel resentment, irritation, even anger. After all, some things do not immediately turn out, in some you will doubt. Well, in general, neurotic classics. What is important here: to recognize their right to make mistakes. Live shame and guilt, knowing that soon it will pass. And that's all.

    Do not believe it, but you will be pulled back. In the captivating neurotic world of doubt and fear. In addition to all the above practices, be sure to add sport to your life. Any. Walking, jumping, running, badminton, swimming - anything at all. It is proved and verified that motion and physics are much stronger than the psyche. Therefore, working with the soul, do not forget about the body. In addition, sports are distracting and for some time endorphins are kept in an elevated state.

    Forgive everyone you are angry with. Who mentally can not let go.Ideally, it is necessary to recognize all unhealthy attachments and understand that, as long as they are, you will not become free, which means - happy. We all understand that neurotics are very vulnerable people. But their vulnerability is directly related to offense. And touchiness is the same habit that is very difficult to get rid of. One desire not to overcome it.

    How to start thinking positively if you are neurotic with experience

    Try to change the environment. Now you understand that controlling your own toxic behavior is possible. But those who are toxic to you should disappear from view. Break off unpleasant connections without regret. They still will not bring anything good in your life.

    Invent yourself more things. From cleaning to writing a fairy tale - everything will fit where you are busy. Do not think that everything is bad and how cool it would be if ... I must say that it is a very common problem for neurotics to sit still and chew on their sorrows. Neurotic is perhaps the most inactive human type (I speak, based on my own experience). And the more tasks you face, the happier you will become. Do you know why? Thanks to the result. No matter what - large or small. The main thing, apparently!

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