• How to start a letter?

    When writing a letter, the main difficulties often cause its beginning and end. In the latter case, the article will help you. Well, how to start a letter, we will talk in this article.

    How to start writing a letter

    The beginning of any letter entirely depends on its type: official, love, one or another letter in a foreign language. It does not matter whether this is a paper or e-mail, we’ll only clarify that we’ll talk about the first phrases after the appeal, because there is already a separate article on how to apply in letters How to address in a letter.

    Official and business letters

    If you follow the recognized terminology, the business letters belong to the category of official. The official correspondence, in addition to business, also includes diplomatic and administrative. True, most often people, referring to administrative letters, call them official, although “official letter” is, of course, a more general term.

    Beginning of the official letter

    Here we will talk about several types of administrative letters.

    1. Letter of petition (also letter of complaint).Here such expressions are appropriate as: “I ask you to pay attention to ...”, “I bring to your notice ...”, etc. And you need to write it immediately after the appeal.
    2. Letter of appeal. At the beginning of such letters are usually used such turns as: "I want to inform you that ...", "I must draw your attention to the following ...".
    3. Letter of reply. Written in response to a request or suggestion. It is customary to begin it with phrases such as, for example: “Thank you for your letter ...”, “In response to your letter from ...”, “According to your request (our contract, etc.) ...”.

    It should be borne in mind that certain expressions must be selected in accordance with the chosen tone and content of the letter. So, if this is a request, then the phrase “I bring it to your attention ...” will look out of place, but “I ask you to pay attention to ...” will come in handy. Addressing to any official, it is accepted the pronoun “You” to write with a capital letter. And one more small tip: use only one phrase to start the letter (in the same style as the above), and then immediately go to the essence of the letter.

    Start a business letter

    The style of business communication can be called semi-official, that is, there are some “liberties”.So, in a business letter, before turning to the main topic, you can politely ask how your partner is doing. If this is the first letter, then, of course, it should be written more strictly. Business letters can also be divided into several types.

    1. An inquiry. In this letter, the addressee is informed about the desire to conclude a contract or transaction, and also specifies the details of cooperation. You can start such a letter with the following phrases: “We offer you cooperation in the field ...” “I would like to clarify some details of our last deal,” etc.
    2. Letter of reply. This is a letter in which you communicate the information that your partner requested. Here the following phrases are relevant: “In response to your letter of ... (date is indicated) we inform you that ...” or a little less formally: “I am sending the data you asked me about ...”.
    3. Information mail. These letters are written in the case when you need to provide any information that may be of interest to your partners. This may be, for example, a message about an exhibition that will take place in the near future, or a message that goods are interesting to the customer.To begin with such a letter, the phrases are quite appropriate: “I hasten to inform you that ...”, “We want to invite you ...”, etc.

    The beginning of the letter in English

    When communicating with English-speaking interlocutors, if a response letter is written, it is first accepted to thank the addressee for his letter with the phrase: “Thank you for your letter / e-mail ...” (“Thank you for your letter ...”). If the tone of communication is rather dry, you can use the phrase: "In answer (reply) to your letter ..." ("In response to your letter ...").

    Starting a conversation, write after the appeal: "I have the pleasure to inform you ..." ("I am pleased to inform you ...") or "I wish to advise you that ..." ("I want to inform you that ...") .

    Beginning of the letter to your beloved or beloved

    If you write a response letter, then after the appeal you should first answer the questions that your loved one asked in his letter: we are always waiting for a response from loved ones to those questions that concern us. If you know about the problems that worry your soul mate, then you should start the letter with questions about them, and then write about yourself.

    Now you know how to start any letter correctly, and other articles on our site will help you to determine its structure and content.

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