• How to stick a protective film on the smartphone XIaomi?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    August 30, 2017
    How to stick a protective film on the smartphone XIaomi?

    On the protection of the touch screen of modern gadgets on the Internet you can find a lot of information, but most of the advice is connected, of course, with the advertising of protective glasses and films - and this is a rare case when advertising really turns out to be very useful and helps extend the usual life of the device, and It means to save the user's money.

    Transparent protective films are less durable than glass - 3H vs. 9H. But at the same time, the principle of installation of films and glass protectors is one - due to the adhesive base, applied by the manufacturer to the accessory, or electrostatically.

    When sticking a tread, there may be some difficulties: a loose fit and the appearance of air bubbles, uneven sticking and so on. Inexperienced users may face these and other difficulties, so it’s best in this case to seek help from a more experienced specialist.But you should not forget that the user gets a set of necessary accessories in the complete set with the protector, during the use of which the installation goes more correctly. You can also preview the detailed and illustrative video installation.

    Protectors are characterized by high impact resistance, they do not turn yellow with time, do not deform, and tolerate sudden changes in temperature. It is important that after installing the films and glasses, the usual mode of operation will not be disturbed - the sensitivity of the sensor and the brightness indicators will remain unchanged.

    Protection rules for the ends and the body

    If the screen protection is more or less simple, then the question of protecting the case and the side faces needs more careful discussion.

    To protect the ends fit bumpers made of plastic or metal. Such an accessory is rather thin and almost imperceptible on the phone - after installation it literally becomes an integral part of the gadget. A suitable compatibility bumper has all the necessary slots for free access to slots and buttons, so after installing such a flexible bumper there will be no problems with connecting headphones and additional external batteries.

    A comprehensive case for Xiaomi Redmi 4X “book” designs, flip covers can also close the ends, the back panel and the case, provided that the cover of the accessories is closed, can provide comprehensive protection during drops and impacts.

    Accessories of this design greatly simplify the usual process of using a smartphone, are transformed into a stand, can be equipped with business card holders for storing money and plastic cards.

    To protect the ends and the back panel are ideal lining of plastic or flexible TPU, which is lightweight, durable and elastic. Pads fit snugly to the back panel and absorb shocks. Slip covers can be equipped with a small metal plate that will allow you to fix the cover in the car holder.

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