• How to care for eyelash extensions - instructions and video tips

    Fluffy and long eyelashes - the result of professional extension. The rules of care for them depend on the material of artificial cilia making, skills and diligence of the master. They do not require special manipulations, but daily attention is important to them just as much as compliments of others.

    To facilitate care can be, if they are made of mink fur or sable. Less qualitative and requiring more attention - artificial or silk materials, which are more susceptible to the negative influence of external factors. The master should tell in detail how to care for the extended cilia at home before the correction, which will take place in 2-4 weeks.

    Extend the life of eyelashes to a maximum

    Blonde with extended eyelashes

    The luxurious appearance of the extended eyelashes and the duration of its preservation by 90% are determined by the quality of daily care. Careful attitude does not mean that you can not touch them, although it is also not worth combing endlessly.


    • The first 24 hours after the procedure of extension can not wet the eyelashes.
    • In the first 48 hours, do not go to the sauna, bath, pool or take a hot bath - steam is also a liquid that can damage the adhesive backing.
    • Cancel the trip to the solarium, if it is planned in the next 2 days after the procedure.
    • Try to touch your eyes less often and, if possible, do not cry. If necessary, use lenses every day, carefully handle your hands and at the minimum touch the eyelashes. No need to touch them and to test for strength.
    • Comb with a special brush every day. After washing, do not dry with a towel, but with a small fan.
    • It is recommended not to use mascara. Paint your eyelids gently, rinse off the makeup even more gently.
    • Oily cosmetic preparations and skincare products containing oils should not be in contact with the eyes. Replace them with water-based gel products. This applies to cosmetics for washing, and to remove makeup.
    • Exclude cotton pads and other fibrous materials from the care of eyelashes. For example, cotton wool is exfoliated, the villi remaining after it are difficult to remove, which is fraught with the appearance of irritation.
    • Do not twist the eyelashes extensions with tweezers.
    • During sleep, do not lie face down on the pillow.
    • Do not miss the planned correction procedures.
    • Use a special fixer to protect the glue, which hold the artificial hairs.

    If you wear glasses, in order to avoid unforeseen kinks of new cilia, pay attention to their length - they should not come into contact with the lenses. With proper care, the lashes do not complicate, but make life easier, especially in the process of creating day and evening makeup.

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    Folk remedies for the care of eyelashes

    Care for extensions is largely due to protection from external influences. Folk remedies should not be applied to them, however, if your goal is to strengthen your own hairs, to accelerate growth, this should be done after removing the extensions.It is excluded to apply any oils and creams on a fatty basis to artificial eyelashes.

    Cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations

    A competent daily care will maximize the life of artificial eyelashes. Special items and cosmetics will help in this.

    1. Brush for eyelashes. With its help, bonding is eliminated, the hairs fluff up, creating the necessary volume.Brush gently without touching the gluing lines.
    2. Means for strengthening the extended eyelashes. For example, Lady Victory. Prevents breakage and fading.
    3. Cosmetic products to protect the glue, which keeps artificial cilia.
    4. Nourishing tonics to strengthen natural hairs, because they are the basis for the extensions.

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    How to paint eyelashes with extended eyelashes

    The increase in the volume of eyelashes due to extension does not imply the daily application of mascara. Artificial hairs of rich black color create the effect of length and pomp. If you think that the upcoming event requires the creation of an impeccable make-up with the mandatory use of mascara, ask your master how to do it so that a premature correction is not required.

    1. Use water based mascara. The stores sell special products for artificial eyelashes. Waterproof mascara to remove without harm is unlikely.
    2. Paint from the middle of the length. If you apply mascara from the roots, you can damage the adhesive base.
    3. Paint enough with a few strokes of the brush. Several layers of mascara only spoil the makeup and condition of the eyelashes.

    Remove mascara, too, must be carefully. Cotton buds are not recommended. Replace them with your own small fabric cushions. Only low-fat lotions are used to remove carcasses.

    Eyelash Correction

    Blue eyes with eyelashes

    Your eyes will be framed lush and long eyelashes only if timely correction.

    After the first build-up it is done in 2-3 weeks. Subsequent correction procedures are performed once a month.

    The upper eyelid has about 110 continuously growing and renewing cilia. Correction is needed to remove hairs glued to strongly grown eyelashes and replace them with new ones. Otherwise they will fall out themselves, spoiling the appearance. The procedure rarely lasts more than an hour.

    After 3-4 months, the lashes are completely removed and updated. This is due to the expiration date of the used adhesive. For sensitive eyes, this period is shortened. Another reason for the mandatory replacement is the accumulation of dust, residues of cosmetics and excretions between the hairs, which can cause irritation.

    How to remove the extended eyelashes at home

    If you are too delayed with the procedure of correction and the eyelashes already have a frankly sloppy look, it is better to remove them. How to do it without harm yourself? The procedure is difficult and long, but quite doable at home.


    • Means for removal of the increased eyelashes. Choose a gel, because the liquid preparation can get into the eyes, and the cream will last for a long time.
    • Microbrash.
    • Cotton pads.
    • Eye makeup remover.
    • Nourishing oil.

    How to shoot - step by step instructions

    1. Close the treated eye and carefully apply a special tool on it using a microbrash.
    2. Wait for the amount of time specified in the instructions.
    3. Place a cotton pad under your eyelashes and use artificial vertical movements to remove artificial hairs. If it wasn’t possible to remove everything, wait a few more minutes for the gel to finally work.
    4. Remove glue with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.
    5. Treat your eyes with milk and wash.
    6. Apply castor, burdock or olive oil to your eyelashes to nourish and enhance growth. The procedure should last no more than 1.5 hours, otherwise irritation and temporary swelling of the eyelids is possible.
    7. Do the same with the other eye.

    Replace the special tool to remove the extended eyelashes can be fat cream or any natural oil. After removing artificial hair, be sure to dedicate time to restoring your own.

    Video instruction

    Artificial eyelashes adorn the eyes, make the look attractive and fascinating. Take care of them every day, it is not difficult, right? After all, time is the smallest sacrifice in the name of beauty.

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