• How to take Mukaltin?

    "Mukaltin" can be called the most famous cough medicine. The drug is very effective and at the same time is one of the cheapest medicines. "Mukaltin" has expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antitussive action and is widely used in the treatment of various broncho-pulmonary diseases in children and adults.

    The composition of "Mukaltina" includes the herb medicinal Althea, a mixture of polysaccharides, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Thanks to Althea grass, mukaltin has not only expectorant, but also anti-inflammatory action. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) changes the viscosity of sputum. Thanks to the reception of "Mukaltin", a decrease in the viscosity of sputum occurs and its elimination is improved when coughing from the bronchi.

    "Mukaltin" is taken for diseases accompanied by cough with sputum difficult to separate: tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema, bronchiectasis, respiratory viral infections.

    "Mukaltin" can not be taken simultaneously with drugs that suppress coughing (libexin, codeterpin, etc.), becauseIn this case, the patient will have a problem with expectoration of the sputum diluted with Mukaltin.

    "Mukaltin": how to take adults

    Adults should take one or two tablets of Mukaltin three to four times a day. It is advisable to take the medicine before meals with a glass of warm boiled water.

    Reception "Mukaltina" is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and in the presence of individual intolerance (allergy) to the components of the drug.

    "Mukaltin": how to take during pregnancy

    The instructions for the drug says that taking "Mukaltin" during pregnancy is not contraindicated. However, there is evidence that Althaea officinalis may increase the tone of the uterus. Therefore, in the first months of pregnancy, it is desirable to refuse to take "Mukaltin". It is also undesirable to receive it at any stage of pregnancy in the presence of a threat of miscarriage and miscarriage. A pregnant woman before taking "Mukaltin" must necessarily consult with a doctor who observes her.

    How to take "Mukaltin" children

    Mukaltin is a safe and effective expectorant and antitussive.His reception allows you to quickly eliminate the painful strong cough and ease the child's condition. However, mukaltin should not be given to infants, since their cough is unproductive, and they will not be able to effectively cough up the liquefied sputum accumulating in the bronchi.

    Children between the ages of one and three years are given half a tablet of Mukaltin three times a day. For children from three to seven years, the dose of "Mukaltin" is increased to the whole tablet.

    Tablets "Mukaltina" dissolved in a small amount of warm boiled water. Sometimes, because of their peculiar taste, children refuse to drink mukaltin. In this case, add to the solution a little sugar syrup or jam syrup. If the child loves juices, then mukaltin can be dissolved in them.

    Mukaltin has been used in medicine for a long time and is considered one of the safest drugs in pediatric practice. However, before giving mukaltin to the child, nevertheless agree it with the doctor.

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