• How to teach a child to learn

    How to teach a child to learnHow to teach a child to learn painlessly and quickly?


    Parent position
    One of the extremes is that parents are eliminated from any involvement in the development of this role. “I’ll go to school and study there.”


    However, the habit of learning is laid even before the child goes to school. The skill of processing and analyzing information manifests itself in children also quite early.


    Fortunately, now the ideas of "early development", which allow using the enormous resources of the children's brain, like a sponge absorbing new information, become more popular.


    Another parental excess is the one-sided development of the child, when adults encourage only mental development, while ignoring other child roles. Relying on the intellect and only the intellect, parents often sacrifice the child’s social skills, primarily communicative ones.


    Opinion of our magazine tips:

    1. At least 15 minutes a day develop the child’s intelligence.

    2. Develop his imagination by reading and telling him fairy tales.

    3Write fairy tales and stories with him.

    4. Teach him to enjoy intellectual work.

    5. From the age of 5, the child should read independently every day at least 5-10 minutes.

    6. Teach him to watch scientific and educational programs on TV (one or two a week).

    7. Do not flatter yourself with the success of your child and do not forget about the development of other roles.

    8. Do not make your child a genius-neurotic.

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