• How to teach a dog to the tray?

    Often, taking a dog home, a person does not think that this living creature will demand attention, love, will interfere with sleep, and also can relieve themselves on the carpet. What to do in the latter case, how to teach the dog to the tray, so as not to create problems in the apartment.

    Puppy and tray

    In order to teach a puppy to the tray takes time. This may take up to 2 weeks or more. All terms are very individual. They can be reduced in the following cases:

    • if the puppy's mother went to the tray, because all the puppies imitate,
    • if the puppy was accustomed to the tray earlier,
    • if the only animal in the apartment is a puppy, then no one will distract from the process of training to the tray,
    • if there is an opportunity to take a vacation and devote this time to a puppy.

    How to teach a dog to the tray faster that are required for this? Must have:

    • 3-4 trays with low sides,
    • tasty treat to encourage dog action. It can be: cheese, sausage, bread, what the dog likes,
    • sprays "antigadin" and "antigryzin".

    The following steps:

    • It is necessary to define a room for a puppy, better a kitchen, so that it closes. Remove excess from the room, processing "Antigryzinom", so that it is not what he gnawed. Put trays nearby to form a large toilet area. It is necessary to have trays near the bed. Puppies go to the toilet often: they usually pee after sleep, and after eating they poop. It is better to grab it immediately, then the process of training to the tray will be faster. It is better to warn than to grab a puppy when it is emptied.
    • When the puppy wakes up, you need to put him in the tray, saying "toilet", it forms a team with him. At first, the puppy will run away, he just does not understand the team yet. We must again put him with the words "toilet". We must do it patiently, without irritation. Do not hold the puppy in the tray with your hands, as this may cause resistance. When the puppy does, what is asked of him, then he should be praised and given a piece of tasty, without departing from the tray. After several puppy sittings on the tray, he will no longer run away, but obediently he will go to the tray, and then look forward to a treat.
    • If a puppy from other owners or a dog breeder went to the tray, then you have to get used to a new place, for him this is a new environment, strangers. He will have to learn to re-walk on the tray.
    • If the puppy began to need it not in the tray, you can shout out sharply "fu", clap your hands, then grab it in the tray. Swear, at a time when the puppy in the tray, you can not. When the process of emptying is over, you need to praise the puppy and give a treat. And then silently wipe the puddle left by the little darling.
    • Gradually, it is necessary to wean the puppy from delicacy, first to be encouraged once, then after two, then it is already possible to remove delicacies in general.

    Dog and tray

    Even if the dog was from a shelter or for mating, you still have to accustom to the tray. To do this, you need to take the tray to the store according to the size of the dog, for males - special trays with a column. It is important that the tray is in one place. How to teach a dog to the tray? In the tray, you can put newspapers, sprinkled with urine or flavored diapers bought specially in the store. For a dog, it is also necessary to sprinkle the urine with the urine, it is better to use the bitch's urine during estrus. The dog should be closed in one room and watch her behavior. At the first sign of anxiety, you need to take the dog by the collar and bring it to the tray. The dog will resist, but the smell can attract and it will remember the place where the tray is.If the dog went to the tray, then you need to praise and give something tasty for her. The dog in the tray should go only for certain reasons:

    • illness or stressful, scared
    • not taught to relieve the need on the street.

    Dog and street

    To make the dog empty in the street, you need to put a cloth moistened with urine or hang it in the yard in the bush. The dog, sensing the familiar smell, will empty the bladder and intestines.

    Walking the dog is necessary at the same time, after feeding, she has developed a reflex, and she will tolerate before walking. Over time, the owner will understand if the dog begins to worry and whine, then it's time to go outside to the toilet.

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