• How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    Svetlana Rumyantseva

    And in ideal, at first glance, families can not do without quarrels. What can we say about young couples? Misunderstanding on the part of partners leads to scandals and stormy showdown. The representatives of the fair sex from family conflicts go harder than men. The quarrel ends with a grievance, which is a transition to a hidden anger against her husband. To revenge is a natural desire, born of hurt pride. And the more a woman thinks about the cause of offense, the stronger becomes the desire to teach her husband a lesson. How and why to revenge a spouse? Is it worth the effort?

    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    Revenge - the path of destruction

    How do you want to repay in a hurry the negligent husband for spiritual suffering, to hit more painfully, to give a feel to the dark gamut of negative emotions and experiences. How could he offend his beloved wife? When courting, he swore in love, gave gifts, promised to protect. And in marriage, heroism and evaporated. How can you teach him a lesson? Leave the house? To collect children, go to my mother ... To declare a strike and not to prepare a month? Do not talk? And maybe arrange a "serious conversation" and put pressure on the conscience?

    Stop! The man hurt you, offended, upset. This does not make him a hero, but it's too early to write down a husband in rascals. Choosing the path of revenge, you repeat the act of the spouse. The desire to hurt your loved one will lead a relationship to a dead end. Remember what the marriage is built on:

    mutual respect
    common interests,

    This is the dream of every woman.

    But what kind of mutual understanding and respect can there be when one spouse does the other painfully deliberately? Bearing in your head a plan of revenge, prepare for the rapid disintegration of relations.

    If you have nothing to lose, then you are offered the reliable tactics of the female response to men's offenses.

    Female "punishments"


    Favorite ladies torture men. But how effective is the result? What does the woman hope for? She will be silent for a day / week / month, making her puffed up, hurt face. The unsuitable husband should think about what he did wrong. In the process of mental search, insight will descend on him, he realizes guilt, repents, brings sincere apologies and realizes the value of his spouse.

    A man will think this is true.First, a thought will flash through my husband's head: “Again!” Then he will experience irritation, complain about women's logic and accept the conditions of war. Men do not like the feeling of uncertainty. To delve into the secrets of the female soul they can not afford. The strong floor is otherwise arranged. 99.99% of husbands do not possess extrasensory abilities. Empathy also does not apply to strong male sides. So what is he thinking about? On the sad fate of the stronger sex, forced to endure women's whims.

    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    Every day, the pressure on a man will increase, cause discomfort. An apology is a way to bring convenience and simplicity back to life. At this point, the spouse is ready to repent of anything, without feeling remorse. For him, "silent" - another women's problem. Once the cause is unknown, it means there is none at all.

    Gathering his strength, a man come to ask for forgiveness. In most cases, if the reason has not been clearly voiced, he picks up neutral words, listens to the angry tirade of the faithful, receives generous forgiveness and lives on.

    The more often a woman arranges a silent, the more she bothers a man. At one point, he broadcasts a label to his wife, writes her to the “birdwings bird” club and sets off in search of a better life: nights at work, a lover, friends, a new wife ...

    Torture abstinence

    To blackmail a man with sex - what could be more effective? Intimate life for men is a serious question.

    Terrible events begin when a woman discovers a weakness in the sexual desire of her husband. The state of dissatisfaction is a stress for a man, and the ladies know it.

    Accustomed to the daily bed-marathon spouse a week lives without sex. Guess where his thoughts are directed? At work, he thinks about sex, on the way home he thinks about the same, seeing the wife he represents ... do not even try to guess what the man is fantasizing about during long abstinence. In addition to scattered thoughts, the spouse gets physical discomfort and struggles with a bunch of prejudices, and at the same time, a sense of shame and embarrassment when physiology reminds oneself of an unnecessary moment. Great revenge. The man will remember her for a long time.

    When her husband becomes very hard, he will come to apologize. Do it with taste: all your whims for the sake of rapid reconciliation. One time this trick may pass. But think about what is the probability that a man will lead a mistress? Or go and remove the girl at night? After such entertainment, most would not suffer, from STDs no one is immune.

    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    And if you look at the forced abstinence of the husband from an ethical point of view, then sex becomes currency. The husband behaves well - receives an award, badly - remains “hungry”. And then the fair sex complain that sex loses color. The bed turns into a calculated place, and you are a simple accountant: “Receive and sign.”

    Error repetition

    Reception "mirror". Husband returned from a spree? Forward to the night party with girlfriends! Turn off the phone, warn your friends that the spouse does not answer calls. And if you changed? Find a lover for the night! Or for a day, then how will it go. On the rudeness to respond with rudeness, forget promises and generally behave inappropriately in the image and likeness of a man.

    A man of the negative will receive a sea of ​​negativity, he will be angry, he will be jealous, pissed, he will be offended. But what will it give? What solution can offer two offended at each other person? It is one thing if the husband is serving a sentence for rudeness and inattention, and another if for treason and deception.

    Trust is a fragile thing. Drop once, no longer glue. Cracks will leak in an unexpected situation.

    Shallow dirty tricks

    This is the worst option possible.Yes, you can spoil your husband's favorite thing, throw out his collection of cards with players, break a laptop or scratch the car. But how will a man respond to this? If property damage occurs in secret, then what's the point? She won't become a lesson to her husband, she will only piss off and ruin her mood. But also on the family budget will hit (if the spouses have it together).

    And if you act openly? Scandal is inevitable. Previous options for revenge do not cause damage to property. After a long silence, nothing stops talking, after abstinence, a man does not refuse intimate contact, and even the brutal behavior of his wife can be forgiven. But the spoiled thing will remind you of the deed for a long time.

    If you unbearably want to spoil the husband to soothe the soul, bathe his brush in the toilet. And quietly and pleasantly. But just remember that with this man you still have to kiss, when he deserves sex, as a forgiveness.

    Any revenge will affect family relationships. If you have nothing to lose, go ahead! But if you plan to live together for many years, have children, raise grandchildren, stop now. This does not mean that the situation should be forgotten. But it must also be solved by other methods.First, find out if the offense was far-fetched.

    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    Contrived grievances

    Women - creatures vulnerable, tender, touchy. What offended? The most common cause is misunderstanding. The main goal of a woman who values ​​relationships is not to teach a man, but to teach a man. Think about how the husband reacts to the silence or the next scandal from the tiresome series "You do not love me!" For a woman, this phrase means: "You do not pay attention to me, do not kiss, do not hug, do not drive in the cinema, sweet words on the ear do not you whisper. " For a man, the meaning is one: “I feel bad with you.”

    The strong sex of love has a different view, different from that of the woman. He is a man. He brings money to the family, helps with housework, sometimes he gives lectures to children every six months, tries to work in bed. In the family everything is stable and good. Flowers on March 8 brought a washing machine presented for the New Year, what else do you need for women's happiness? Men do not understand the ladies' tenderness, until you just say so. And not in a mysterious phrase, but clearly and in the matter: "I want to receive kisses after work, a bouquet of flowers once a month, in the evening, bring tenderness, embraces, whisperings ..." - and then in order.

    The “misunderstanding” is the same reason: the lack of an open dialogue. You scolded your husband because he is lazy. But did they explain the reason?

    He did not take out the garbage, did not rub the dust, did not clean the garbage behind him in the room. Everything should be pronounced clearly, then the husband will go to meet. Men are not friends with abstract concepts, they need clear claims. And if you talked and did not work? The husband firmly insists that life, raising children and solving housing issues are women's business. He does not understand that fragile ladies' hangers have not been created for such an unbearable burden. Then leave it with the children at home alone, alone with everyday life. Think about the reason to leave for a couple of days: my mother help, a friend, a grandmother. Quietly and peacefully go on holiday. My husband will have half a day to evaluate his wife's work. I do not understand the first time? Repeat again.

    Men's "sins"

    People make mistakes. If you value marriage, but the insult does not give you peace, try to solve the problem peacefully.


    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?

    This male "sin" hits the woman's heart most painfully. To avenge your spouse for treason makes sense if you decide to disperse. Then feel free to use the points described above. Make the care unexpected.In the morning he went to work, and in the evening he returned to an empty apartment, where not one of your things remained. The phone is unavailable, there are no contacts, the friends are silent. The man is very nervous.

    If you decide to stay, the offense must be let go. Find out why the husband is cheating on what he is missing. Dialogue - the main method of solving problems.


    Disrespectful attitude on the part of the spouse appears if the woman initially allowed such behavior. First jokes, then an awkward story from an intimate life, told to friends. Diligent hostesses who pamper their spouses face disrespect. Returning from work, he proudly stalks to the sofa, computer, television, and his wife runs around, performing endless “bring-bring”.

    Talk to the man. Explain that personal life should not become public. Say that you do not like it when he is openly joking or telling stories of an intimate nature about you. Remember the unpleasant story from his past and threaten to tell her friends if the spouse does not meet you.

    When the husband is rude, tell me exactly what you think is unacceptable: imperative tone, grinning or rolling eyes during a dialogue. The more clearly the problem is indicated, the faster you will find a compromise.


    He did not see the new hairstyle, forgot about your mom's birthday, did not notice the change of image. Yes, men do not remember the details well. You will be surprised, but many representatives of the stronger sex do not remember what their parents, children, wives look like. The husband knows that you have dark hair, gray eyes, he represents what size your chest and butt will tell you, in which part of your back there is a mole, but he cannot collect the whole image. This does not mean that he does not love you, this is the way men's memory is arranged. Not all of the representatives of the stronger sex life is so sad, but in general, men tend to remember only the generalized details of the appearance. Punishing the guilty without guilt is not the best idea.

    If you have a haircut, tell your husband about it. Have changed style - boast before the spouse. He will understand what to do and say.

    How to teach a lesson to the husband for insult?


    Lies destroy relationships. But the blame for men's frauds are women. Representatives of the stronger sex cheat to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the truth. The usual punishment does not save a man from this habit. The only way to remedy the situation is to create conditions in which a man will not be afraid to tell the truth.How to do it? Accept what he heard without hysteria and scandals. In this case, the carrot and stick method will work: the punishment for lying, the reward for sincerity.

    Before you revenge a man, think about whether to endanger marriage? It is easier to destroy relationships than to build them again. For the education of the stronger sex there are more gentle and effective methods that are available in the arsenal of every wise woman.

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