• How to tie a cap?

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    How to tie a cap?

    Handmade knitted hats for kids are attractive and diverse: simple and openwork, in the form of caps or berets, made of thick yarn or openwork summer models. Children's hats can be the most unusual, as, for example, in the article - How to tie a hat.

    The choice of model is yours. Want to tie a beautiful and elegant cap - choose models with a hook. And if you need a warm and soft cap, knit the model with knitting. Our article will help you with advice in this kind of needlework, and first try to crochet a cap.

    Openwork cap for a newborn

    This product is knitted for toddler 1-3 months. Therefore, choose soft and hypoallergenic yarn, for example, natural cotton.

    • The amount of yarn for one cap - 40 gr,
    • Hook - number 2.

    Knitting process

    Measure the girth of the baby’s head and knit it with a 40 cm girth. Start work on the cap from the back of the head by tying a ring of eight air loops:

    • 1 row: in the ring knit 16 st / cape,
    • little cap2 row: in each column of the previous row, tie 2 st / n,
    • 3 row: now knit 2 st / n and 1 st / n alternately in each loop of the previous row,
    • 4 row: knit in a circle * 2 st / n, 1 st / n, 1 st / n * (repeat from and to "*"),
    • 5 row: knit also in a circle, knitting on 2 st / n already in every fourth loop of the lower row. The following rows knit on the same system of adding loops.

    If your occipital part has reached a diameter of 9 cm, 5 rows are sufficient, if not enough, knit 6 and 7 rows according to the scheme.

    Next, move from the neck to the ears and knit like this:

    • Row 1: continue to knit arches of 5 air loops, connecting them with a semi-column with each other. Knit around the perimeter is not necessary, leave for the neck 3 cm and expand the work,
    • 2 row: knit 3 lifting loops, 9 tablespoons / 2 n into each second arch, 1 tablespoons. b / n instead of each missing arch.
    • 3 row: knit 3 lifting loops, and then alternate * 7 St / 2 N and 6 air loops *, repeating from and to "*" to the end of the row.
    • 4th row: here knit the whole row with single crochets,
    • 5 row: in the end, make the arch of the air 5 loops.

    Repeat this pattern 4-5 times, depending on the thickness of the yarn.

    Now it's time to process the neck of the product by tying a row of double crochets.

    At the end of work on the bonnet, decorate the back of the head, knitting the above pattern 2 times.

    This is how you can tie an elegant cap for a newborn.The article “How to knit a hat for a newborn.”

    Now you can knit a cap with knitting needles, which will be indispensable in cool weather.

    Warm cap with needles

    Having made preliminary preparations (taking measurements, selection of yarn and hook), knit the product with an elastic band 1 x 1 to a height of 2 cm, starting from the forehead and moving to the crown of the product. Then knit the fabric with the front and purl stitch in 4 rows alternately to a predetermined height. After that, calculate the number of middle loops for knitting the back of the head, transfer the side loops to the auxiliary knitting needles, and knit the front satin to the height of the back of the head. Knit the occipital part, adding the side loops to the outer loops and diminishing them as you knit. Finish knitting. Handle the bottom of the product with a hook, tying 1 row of steel b / n, on 2 sides tie the ties of the air loops.

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