• How to tie for a child?

    Knitting children's clothes is considered the second most popular activity at leisure after sewing and embroidery. Knit for the child as a mother and grandmother to pamper him with exclusive and love-related things.

    What most often knit for children

    Knit for children can be like knitting and crocheting. And the knitting needles are knitted most often by sweaters, sweaters and vests (it is more convenient), whereas with a crochet it is much more convenient to knit hats, caps, openwork dresses and booties.

    Newbies can also knit for children, because you can knit a great thing with the simplest types of patterns - garter stitch, elastic, etc. (if you knit with needles), with columns, with knit strings (if you crochet). More experienced and skilled craftswomen, of course, can use more complex knitting techniques, combining the most complex patterns among themselves.

    Baby hat

    To knit a hat for a child, no more than one skein of thread is required. The yarn is chosen depending on the season for which the product is knitted: for winter it is best to take a thick woolen thread, and for a warm spring and early autumn, thinner and cotton threads are suitable.

    The cap can be knitted for children as a crochet, and on the needles.Before knitting, you need to measure the circumference of the baby's head and dial the appropriate number of loops. You can knit as the most simple patterns, and openwork (especially crochet).

    A cap is connected both for a newborn and for a teenager, maybe in a circle (on circular needles) - from the bottom up or vice versa. Caps can be with ties, as well as just "stretch" on the top of the head, not tying under the chin. Most often they knit not only a hat, but also a scarf, as a set - of the same shade and with the same pattern.

    More information about how to fit a baby cap, see our article - How to tie a baby cap.

    Baby vest

    How to tie a vest for a child: for this you also need to estimate the size of the future product. Before proceeding with the work, measure the width of the back and front, as well as the distance to the armhole. Knit for boys and girls can be different shades of thread, patterns.

    In addition, the vest can be on different clasps. In this case, the knitting of the product is different; it is knitted not in two, but in three parts: the back, as well as the right and left shelves of the front.

    In order to knit a raglan blouse for a child, it will be necessary to familiarize yourself with one more of our article - How to knit a raglan blouse.

    Booties and socks for children

    Boots and socks to tie for a child, as well as for an adult, not all needlewomen know how. A particular difficulty lies in tying the heel. But in fact, there is nothing complicated. One or two times you need to try to knit 4-5 knitting needles of socks, and after that the work will go on itself.

    To tie tiny booties socks will need less than half-thread (up to 75 meters, thread thickness 150 m / 100 g) and needles of size 4.5 or another number that matches the thickness of the yarn. For a newborn, you need to dial about 27-30 loops and knit 11-12 rows of garter stitch, then - reduce the loops for the toes. After - 10 rows knit purl loops. Continue to knit another 5-6 cm with a garter stitch, finish the work after knitting a number with purl loops, close them and sew the seam of the sole.

    To crochet socks, you need the same amount of yarn. Knitting should begin with the sole (you can independently make a suitable pattern before this). Then, from the back of the sole, the heel is knitted perpendicularly to the hem and beyond the side and the front of the sock in a circle, closing the knit on the opposite side of the heel.

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