• How to transfer games on Android?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    November 4, 2014
    How to transfer games on Android?

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    How to transfer games on Android?

    Most people using Android have ever been interested in the possibility of transferring an application or a game via Bluetooth. What to do if you liked the application available on the device of your friend, colleague or friend, and you do not have enough time or high-speed Internet access to download it through? There is an alternative way to get what you want. In this article we will tell you how to transfer games to Android.

    Share apps with Share Apps

    Share Apps is an absolutely free program. It will help you quickly share your favorite applications.

    To transfer games or applications to another device with the Android operating system, using Share Apps, you need to follow these steps:

    In the same way it can be sent to Google Drive, VKontakte, email, etc.

    Transferring applications using the Explorer program

    ES Explorer is a free application that includes a lot of functions, including the ability to transfer applications via Bluetooth. To transfer a game or application via Bluetooth using Explorer, follow the instructions:Android

    1. After starting the application, open the "Application Manager".
    2. Find the application you need and open the context menu with a long tap on the selected file.
    3. Select "Backup".
    4. Click on the “More” icon and on the “Send” item.
    5. Mark the sending method - "Via Bluetooth".

    After that, the game will appear with your friend on the device.

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