• How to transplant dracaena?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    August 1, 2012
    How to transplant dracaena?

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    How to transplant dracaena?

    Transplant dragon flower, of course, possible when buying at a flower shop. Here they will help you to choose the right pot, the necessary soil, tell you how to fertilize, etc. If you want to transplant it yourself at home, then we will show you how to transplant the dracaena correctly. This is best done in early spring (March-April). In the fall, it is better not to disturb indoor plants, because they are preparing for winter. It is necessary to replant the dracaena once in 3 years. The young plant can be transplanted once a year.

    First, to transplant a plant, you need a nutrient base. This can be a special primer for dracaena, which you will find in any flower shop. Its composition is indicated on the packaging. As a rule, the prepared soil consists of the following components: turf ground, leaf earth, humus and peat. It contains all the necessary macro and micronutrients needed for your growth for normal growth. Or you can do the soil yourself.Take the turf and leaf soil, humus and peat, the main thing is to keep the proportions 2: 1: 1: 0,5.

    Secondly, in the selection of the pot, it is worth considering that its diameter should be more than 4 cm on average. The plant should not be crowded, but you should not choose a too large pot. Otherwise, the roots of the plant may start to rot from an oversupply of soil and moisture.

    Thirdly, drainage (expanded clay) should be poured at the bottom of the pot. It is also sold in flower shops. Pour either 1/1 or 1/10. It all depends on the depth of the pot.

    Actually, how to transplant dracaena? Transplantation is carried out by the method of transshipment. The name of the method speaks for itself. You just need to gently taking the plant by the trunk and slightly tilting the pot, pull it out of the pot with a clod of earth. If the dragon trees have rotted or dried roots, they should be cut. It is not recommended to shake the ground from the roots, because they are very closely intertwined and there is a high probability of their damage. Simply place the flower in a new pot and sprinkle with primer to the brim, leaving room for watering.

    Well, the last. Follow the rules of personal hygiene! If you work without gloves, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.If soil gets into eyes, flush eyes.

    If you still have doubts and fears, you can search the Internet for videos on how to transplant dracenas. Good luck!

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