• How to treat dislocation?

    Dislocation is the displacement of the articular surfaces of the bones in the articular joints. This injury can be accompanied by damage to the articular sac, vessels, nerves, tendons, and muscles. Dislocations are often confused with other injuries. Therefore, before you figure out how to treat dislocation, you need to know what are its symptoms.

    Symptoms of sprains

    Most of the sprains are taken for sprains. But, with sprains and bruises, the injured limb bends, although it causes pain. Decreased mobility occurs later, after the development of edema. With dislocation, movements in the joint become completely impossible. This injury is accompanied by acute pain, swelling of the joint. Externally, you can notice a change in the usual shape of the joint, a displacement of the bones, and even a change in the length of the limb, as during a fracture.

    Types of sprains

    Dislocations vary in degree of displacement. With complete dislocations, a complete divergence of the articular surfaces occurs. In case of incomplete (subluxation) - the surfaces are slightly in contact. If the surrounding tissue is damaged during dislocation, the injury is considered to be complicated.With the dislocation closed, the skin over the joint is not damaged. There are also habitual dislocations, that is, often repeated. This happens if the dislocation is not done. Most often, the upper limbs suffer from sprains. On the legs the most common is dislocation of the ankle.

    First aid for dislocation

    First aid for dislocation - to fix the limb to eliminate the mobility of the joint. In case of hand injuries, make a bandage like a bandage, in case of leg injuries a horizontal position is necessary. Attach ice to the joint. Then send the victim to the emergency room. It is better to call an ambulance in case of dislocation, the doctors of which will make an anesthetic injection and take them to the hospital.

    In no case can not adjust the dislocation of their own. Seeing a doctor for this injury is necessary, as its symptoms may resemble others. Often, even a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis only after X-rays. For example, in the foot a lot of bones, a fracture of which may be accompanied by dislocation. And only a specialist will correctly determine how to treat dislocation of the foot.

    Dislocation treatment

    If dislocation of the leg happens, how to treat? Let's see.In case of dislocation, the doctor imposes a plaster or longget (fixative) for 3 weeks. Anti-inflammatory ointments (Diclofenac) and compresses are prescribed. During the recovery period, massage and wearing an elastic bandage is recommended. Limb can not be overheated and supercool. Sports begin in 2-3 months with physical therapy. In fact, it is better to try to prevent this injury than to cure it. Women for this should give up high-heeled shoes. And to overcome long distances, wear shoes with high lacing. They protect the ankle well.

    Folk remedies

    To folk remedies that facilitate recovery after dislocation include rubbing and ointment on the basis of the root beetle (comfrey). Larkspur grind in a meat grinder and pour 1: 3 vodka. Birch tar is also an old folk remedy. It is also advisable to drink anti-inflammatory decoctions of herbs (collection: arnica, comfrey, lingonberry leaves).

    Now you understand how to treat dislocation, and how serious this injury is.

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