• How to upgrade your bathroom in 2018

    You will need
    • - tile grout;
    • - napkins;
    • - waterproof varnish;
    • - shells;
    • - sea pebbles;
    • - vinyl stickers;
    • - plastic panels;
    • - mural;
    • - bathroom accessories.
    Changes in the bathroom start with a general cleaning - take out from there things that have long been standing there just like that and rather tired. These are various bottles, jars, napkins, soap-washing products, cups, as well as such larger items as shelves, cabinets, hangers for bath accessories, curtains, etc. Some of these things can be thrown away without regret. It is better if you will only have non-removable items in your bathroom that you decided not to replace. For example, the bath itself, sink, shower, tile and possibly a towel warmer.
    Inspect all faucets and mixers, siphons and gaskets. They often require replacement, and if you decide to upgrade to something, it will be wise to look for high-quality bathroom accessories. They are not cheap, but this is the only thing on which try not to save.
    If the walls in your bathroom are lined with ceramic tiles and you don’t want to replace them, you can just refresh the exterior. To do this, remove the old grout between the seams and apply a new, possibly different, more contrasting color. This will significantly change the look of the bathroom. How to paint the tile is not worth it, because the result may not be the one you expect.
    And if you still want to decorate ceramic tiles with something, try to add it with decoupage: cut out several napkins from napkins, put them on a special glue and cover with varnish. Or attach to the walls of something from the marine theme, for example, shells, put a rim of sea pebbles.
    Vinyl stickers are currently very popular. Since they are not afraid of temperature changes and high humidity, as well as easy to clean, they are suitable for the bathroom. Try decorating with these bright details the side panel of the bathroom, shower or mirror. Such a color accent will make you look at thisthe roomin a new way.
    You can quickly upgrade the room by trimming the walls with plastic panels. Their choice in size and color on the market today is huge.You can also elevate the ceiling. Just make sure the bathroom has good ventilation.
    Original decoratebathroomYou can also, decorating it with a mural - a photo image on the decorative panels in the whole wall or part of it. This way you can visually expand the space and completely modify your room.
    To make the picture on the wall fit into the image of the bathroom, complete it with the appropriate theme and style fittings. Various decorative handles on the cabinet doors, cups, mats and new towels can transform the room beyond recognition.
    Change also the mirror and curtain. You can buy another in the form of a mirror, and you can already existing frame baguette. A fashionable rack for towels, openwork shelves, a wicker laundry basket or a pot with branches decorated with large artificial pearls will look great in your updated bath.
    Various interesting trivia, stylish packaging, decorative containers for bath and cosmetic products placed in the bathroom, reinforce the impression of novelty.

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