• How to use a vacuum pore cleaner

    What is a vacuum pore cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner pores are of two types: salon and home use. It is designed to clean the skin, especially in areas of high secretion - the so-called T-shaped zone (nose, forehead, chin).
    The principle of operation of the device is based on the negative pressure between the skin and the working surface of the special nozzle of the device. This is similar to the effect of a medical can. Manufacturers claim that the device removes greasy plugs and dirt, while doing this more delicately and gently for the epidermis than when manually cleaning the skin. This means that the vacuum cleaner does not injure the skin and does not cause inflammatory processes. In addition to direct cleansing, the device improves blood circulation and nutrients in the subcutaneous layers.
    Nowadays, vacuum pore cleaners are produced by many companies around the world.However, in the Russian market one can often find two companies offering portable vacuum cleaners for home use: the French company Gezanne ITC and the Japanese company Panasonic.

    Use of the device

    By purchasing the device, it is necessary to follow a few simple recommendations when using it. Before a vacuum massage session, be sure to cleanse your face with a foam, washing gel or lotion. It is best to make a steam bath. It will well expand pores and increase the effect of the procedure. Then turn on the device and slowly move the nozzle over your face, lingering in areas requiring special attention. The procedure should not exceed 5-8 minutes. After that, wash with cool water and treat your skin with a tonic.
    Cosmetologists recommend using the device 1-2 times a week. People with sensitive skin need to check the effect of the device on a small part of the face before the first session. And only if there are not any negative consequences - redness, bruises, allergies, you can safely use the device.
    Reviews of real buyers who have decided to share their views on this device after using it are disappointing. Practice shows that all the above-mentioned useful actions of the device are nothing more than a good advertisement.Vacuum cleaner for home use removes dirt from the skin after cleansing well, but it is of little help in combating comedones. In addition, it can, with careless use, leave small bruises on the skin. Vacuum cleaning used in beauty salons is more effective and safe.

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