• How to use icq? The advantages and disadvantages of the program

    how to use icq

    Many Internet users are interested in the question "how to use icq?". In this article you will receive. We will talk about the disadvantages and merits of this popular program.


    When you start the program and quite convenient and quick registration, we get into a small login window. A small problem is noticed here - due to the large audience of users, the login to the system is sometimes quite a long time. My Internet provider helped me to find out another not the best side of ICQ - if the Internet connection is lost for at least a couple of seconds - “ICQ” loses sanity and recovers for about a minute (Somehow it turns out not to be good, such a good program, and we immediately started). After authorization, we can see a rather stylish and beautiful design, with a lot of buttons for setting and polishing the program at your discretion. By the way, since I started talking about polishing.If you still do not like the design of the program itself - there are many alternative programs, essentially the same ICQ, differing in other design. An example of this is QIP, a more lightweight version that is not loaded with Flash applications and other small joys of life, but it regularly performs the work of the message service. Each sent message is accompanied by a pleasant sound, which, however, may soon get bored very quickly. In general, everything looks nice, and most importantly compact.


    Before you can see only an elongated vertical column, occupying about 1MP of your monitor in width. During the conversation, there is an opportunity to throw the game into various cooperative mini-games, and also throw a decent number of smiles to the user. The computer almost does not feel the load from the application, it hardly eats up 60 megabytes of RAM. Everything flies - everything is fine. But God forbid, during the flight, it will crash into something solid, like a computer error or a virus. Then all this perfectly working mechanism turns into a giant machine that absorbs all attention to itself, constantly hanging and giving out mistakes.ICQ also got its popularity, so it received popular problems. For example - spammers. Stable, every day you can watch at least one sentence from an unknown person to increase anything, the lessons of powerful hypnosis and generally half the world for one sms. Of course, this is not a reason to forget about the program, but during an important conversation with your work colleague you are unlikely to be happy with such a juicy offer.


    All violators in asikyu are punished very confidently and very slowly. Either the state was cut down due to the crisis, or the workers were slow pink pokemons, but sometimes you won’t get support from them. On the other hand, it is not really needed, except to write denunciations for each spammer. In recent versions of ICQ, there is also support for webcams and a microphone, but at first glance you understand that this is not the best side of this application. That is, the conversation goes, but the interface just did not sharpen under the audio / video conference.


    ICQ was once the benchmark for Internet communication. It is still good as text communication, but it can no longer be in new categories: Audio and video communication. An excellent choice if you do not need the last two privileges.

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