• How can oak bark be used correctly?

    Oak bark has been used in folk medicine for a very long time, and this remedy is still popular due to its effectiveness. But to achieve the effect, you need to use the bark correctly. Find out how to do this.

    Composition of the cortex

    It should be noted that the oak tree is a unique tree. Its life span is about 400 years, and during this time the plant has time to accumulate a lot of nutrients in its bark, making it surprisingly useful. Growth in height lasts about 100-150 years, but the thickness of the trunk increases constantly.

    Oak bark contains a wide variety of components, including tannins, catechins, pectins, sugars, proteins, essential oils, pentosans, and so on.


    Why is oak bark so beneficial to humans? Here are some of its healing properties:

    • The cortex has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, so that it can be used in inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, the female reproductive and urinary systems, the upper respiratory tract, gums,as well as the organs of the digestive tract.
    • Due to regenerating and wound healing properties, oak bark is widely used in medicine for treating skin diseases.
    • This tool has hemostatic and astringent properties, so it can be used to stop bleeding and speed up the healing process.
    • Antiseptic properties allow the use of oak bark for a variety of infectious diseases.
    • Decoction of the bark of oak is able to normalize the functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, so it can be used to reduce sweating, as well as eliminate excessive fat content of the skin.
    • Oak-based products are also actively used in cosmetology, for example, with acne, increased activity of the sebaceous glands, dandruff and many other problems.

    Where to get?

    The easiest way to buy a bark of oak in a pharmacy. But if you decide to collect the raw materials yourself, you should remember a few important points.

    • First, the bark of young trees is especially useful, so pay attention to them.
    • Secondly, raw materials remain useful until the first leaves have appeared to the tree, and this means that it is best to harvest in the spring, and early, before the onset of heat.During this period, the bark is easily separated from the wood, so it will not be difficult to assemble it. But the damage of the oak trees is prohibited, so you have to go to the place of legal felling.

    Drying of the collected bark should be carried out in a well-ventilated and dry room or in the open air. How to understand that it is ready? Fully dried bark will easily break and crumble, and undressed bark will bend.

    How to use?

    The use of oak bark is very wide. It is possible both in therapeutic and prophylactic and in cosmetic purposes. And about each direction should tell more.

    Prevention and treatment of various diseases

    Ways of using oak bark:

    1. Most often, the raw material is used in the form of a decoction. To make it, you need three tablespoons of crushed bark to pour a glass of boiling water. Next, place the container either in a water bath or on a slow fire. Warm up the composition for half an hour, then cover with a lid and leave to infuse for another hour. After strain the decoction and use it to rinse the mouth with stomatitis, tonsillitis, periodontitis, gingivitis or glossitis; for syringing with cervical erosion; for enemas with hemorrhoids.In addition, this tool can be used in the form of lotions or compresses for skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and so on. In total, it can take up to 6-8 procedures per day.
    2. Infusion has a softer effect, but it is no less effective. To get it, one or two tablespoons of dry powdered raw materials should be poured with one glass of boiling water. Capacity tightly close and leave for two to three hours. Strain the cooled infusion (do not forget to squeeze the bark) and use it externally for skin ailments, wounds, ulcers and burns, and for internal use. For example, for diarrhea, ulcers or gastritis, it is recommended several times a day before meals to take one or two teaspoons until the symptoms disappear. When sweating your feet or palms, you need to do baths or compresses five to eight times a day. Such a tool is also useful for gums.
    3. A pronounced effect has the tincture of oak bark. For its preparation three tablespoons of crushed raw materials need to be poured 500 ml of vodka. Capacity well close and for a week, clean in a dark and rather cool place. Then strain the liquid, squeeze the bark well and take the remedy inside for diarrhea and poisoning, 20 drops twice a day, dissolved in water.
    4. You can make a useful ointment.Three tablespoons of dry and chopped oak bark mixed with fat, petroleum jelly, olive or butter (choose one ingredient). Warm up the composition in a water bath for several hours, then cool and send in the refrigerator. Ointment can lubricate the affected skin. Also effective lotion.

    Use in cosmetology

    The oak bark is useful for hair, as it perfectly cleanses both them and the scalp, thus eliminating dandruff and eliminating excessive fat content. For such purposes, you can use the infusion or decoction in the form of regular rinsing of the head.

    Also, products based on oak bark are effective for such a common problem as acne. Use an infusion or decoction instead of lotion for daily evening and morning washes or rubbing.

    Can all oak bark be used?

    There are few contraindications to use, but still they are. These primarily include individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components, as well as allergies.

    Reception of means on the basis of oak bark inside categorically contraindicated in children.

    Side effects

    Probably the occurrence of side effects. So, when taken orally and if the tolerance is exceeded, vomiting may begin. And when rinsing the mouth or irrigation of the nasal sinuses, a significant deterioration in the sense of smell and disruption of the functioning of taste buds is possible. But such symptoms should disappear after the end of treatment.

    special instructions

    Despite the fact that the bark of oak is very useful, the course of treatment should not last longer than two weeks. If the disease does not recede and the symptoms persist, then the therapy can be repeated after the break.

    Although the tool belongs to the category of folk, yet its use should begin only after consulting a doctor. And when anxious or unpleasant symptoms appear, use should be stopped immediately.

    Use the oak bark correctly to see the results and eliminate the symptoms that are disturbing you.

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