• How to visually get taller

    1. Neutral shoes

    Have you noticed that rather low celebrities manage to look tall and slender on the red carpet? Pay attention to the shoes that they wear. By choosing beige pumps to match the color of your skin (by the way, Christian Louboutin even created a separate collection of shoes for different skin tones), you won�t regret it and look much higher.

    2. High Waist

    Things with a high fit visually shift the waist line, thereby increasing your height, emphasizing the waist and making you more slender. Try to give preference to jeans, pants, skirts with a high waist. This is especially true of business things.

    3. Monochrome image

    Dressing in one color, you solve not only the problem of growth, but also the possibility of a puncture in a combination of colors. Such a bow will allow you to hide the small flaws of your figure, at the same time, you will look very elegant.

    4. Vertical bar

    If things in a horizontal strip, as it were, stretch the figure to the breadth, then it is logical to conclude that the vertical strip will stretch the silhouette upwards.Use this property of this print to visually get higher.

    5. Wide pants and heels

    We all clearly see that ordinary flared jeans are capable of creating the illusion of feet from the ears. That is why it is so important to have long wide trousers in your wardrobe and �walk� out with high-heeled shoes. This image looks really gorgeous.

    6. Pointed nose boats

    No wonder these shoes are iconic to this day. Find perfectly comfortable pumps with a neat, pointed nose. If possible, choose a higher heel, this will maximize your growth.

    7. Cropped Jacket

    Combining such a thing with skirts and trousers with a high waist, you will not only look harmonious and stylish, but your height will seem much larger than usual.

    8. Mini Skirts or Shorts

    Wearing a �mini� with an elongated top or shirt, you will emphasize the length of your legs and will look taller and slimmer. But be careful: if your legs are not as good as you would like, it is strongly recommended to abandon the mini-length in order to avoid disharmony of the image.

    9. Asymmetry and cutouts

    Asymmetrical things have in their list of virtues not only the �covering� of growth, but also the correction of the proportions of the figure.A vertical cutouts work exactly the same way as a vertical strip, extending the silhouette and making it more slender.

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