• How to walk on heels?

    Walking in high heels is a real art. And not every one of us can do it! I think you do not need to talk about how a woman looks on heels. Therefore, if you do not know how to do it yet, learn! Of course, frequent walking in heels is harmful to health6 the spine is bent, and the feet are deformed. But this is only if you constantly wear heels.

    If you wear high-heeled shoes only on special occasions and do not wear them every day, you can be sure about your health. In your case, high heels give you femininity and sexuality.

    Most likely, you have met girls who are clumsily trying to walk on their heels on shaky legs. This suggests a wrong shoe size, poorly developed calf muscles and the lack of a high-heeled walking workout.

    How to walk in heels

    In this case, we need serious training.

    • Start walking more. If you exercise, focus on your leg muscles, give them an extra load;
    • If you have never walked in heels, then do not buy very high at once.Start with a stud centimeters at seven. And even better, if it is not a stud, but a more stable heel. And do not wear them all the time. From time to time, go back to your previous shoes. After a while, you can buy shoes with a higher and narrow heel.
    • In order not to spoil the legs, buy shoes with heels only of very high quality. Heels are not very useful anyway, and if the shoes are not leather, then they will not give you anything good except anguish. Trying on new shoes, note that the shoe should be comfortable, they should not be pressed into the toe and heel. The most important thing is that it should be your size!
    • The best time to master a new science is autumn. Boots and semi boots with heels are more comfortable than shoes or sandals. The fact is that the boot of the boot additionally holds the leg and you can feel more confident and learn faster
    • In practice, start at home in front of the mirror, especially in new shoes. Step in front of the mirror until you feel the soil under your feet and until the foot feels the new height, and the foot - the load.

    The error of many girls: when walking in heels to put your foot on the whole foot at once. It looks, to put it mildly, ugly.One gets the feeling that the legs are not able to bend at all. Correctly put the foot first on the heel, and then smoothly transfer it to the toe. If it does not work out, try to start with high-heeled but high-heeled shoes. In them you will feel safe).

    You can often see girls who turn their socks inside when walking in high heels. It looks awful! Uh is better then in sneakers! Socks strictly apart, no matter how uncomfortable. For this and need training to get used to.

    If it’s still difficult for you to wear thin heels, then for you wedge shoes. The heel in such shoes is high, but it is connected to the sole, due to which the heel height is hardly felt. There is one more salvation for beginners to walk in heels: shoes on the platform. This is a real way out if your legs get tired of your heels. The platform lifts the leg and the heel does not seem so high to you.

    And most importantly: keep your posture and be confident in your irresistible! And everything will turn out! Good luck!

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