• How to want to eat?

    Sergey Nikolaev
    Sergey Nikolaev
    June 6, 2014
    How to want to eat?

    The consumption of food is the most important process of replenishing the body's reserves with the substances and trace elements necessary for life. But what to do when you do not want to look at food? What tricks can be used to want to eat? What can you eat and take for a good appetite?

    The main thing is to identify and eliminate the causes of reluctance to eat. This may be an infection, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, depression, poisoning, alcohol abuse, smoking, etc.

    In addition, you can use some of the ways to increase your appetite, it is them that we now consider.

    Feeding appetite

    Appetite can literally nagging - an active walk in the fresh air and moderate exercise increase the body's need for food. Visual effects work well - exquisite table setting with lots of greenery and multi-colored fruits and salads, beautiful dishes, pleasant room furnishings or cheerful company at the table, and especially at a picnic in the forest, when the interviewee eats with pleasure before your eyes, arouses the desire to eat.Do not forget about the smell of food and the sharpness of taste - spices and seasonings will be useful here, preferably without monosodium glutamate and artificial flavors.

    Eat to live

    Desire is often motivated - at the level of consciousness there is a sense to inspire yourself that you are not just eating, but getting the substances needed for your health, energy and strength to realize your plans. It is often important to start eating, and the appetite will come with eating. The correct diet will help teach your body to reflexively excrete saliva and gastric juice during meal times. It is only necessary at the beginning to force oneself to eat at the same time and not to have a snack between main meals, but to drink plenty of water. It is useful to diversify the menu.

    Bitter and sour for appetite

    But how you want to eat if the above tips do not help? There are more radical methods of how to increase appetite. These are infusions and extracts of bitter herbs, for example, wormwood, centaury, dandelion roots, rhizomes of calamus, which effectively and without harm to health evoke the desire to eat. Also, before eating, you can drink sour or cabbage juice, eat a sour apple, ascorbic or a lemon slice, a good glass of wine increases the appetite. You can also be helped by vitamins and other drugs to improve your appetite.

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