• How to water carrots throughout the season

    Everyone knows that carrots are drought-tolerant crops. But, despite this fact, it requires regular watering throughout the growing season. Especially abundant watering should be in the summer during the growth of the root. At this point, in hot weather, moisture quickly evaporates from the surface of the soil. If the carrots are not watered, the roots become short, and their flesh is rough. This is caused by a lack of moisture at a depth of 20-30 cm in the soil, where the zone of the plant root system is located. From this side roots go into growth and carrots become horned.

    Many gardeners are sure that carrots need to be watered often and fairly plentifully. But it is not. Carrots are watered only a few times throughout the season.

    The first time the plants are watered after planting. Then at the end of the first and second thinning. After this, watering becomes more abundant and wetted, as it should, the whole bed. Its multiplicity is increased to 1 time per week.In this case, it is advisable not to wet the tops of plants in order to avoid the appearance of fungal diseases. Each watering involves the use of water by 20-30 liters per 1 square. m. of soil.

    In the second half of August and before September, carrots especially need moisture to fully ripen root crops. At this point, the multiplicity of irrigation increase up to 2 times a week. But it is not worth much to overwet the soil. From this can crack the roots and there is a significant increase in the foliage.

    A couple of weeks before harvesting, watering carrots is completely stopped. Only to give it juiciness, it is watered in the evening before the gathering.

    Carrots are always poured from a watering can with a strainer into specially prepared grooves near the grooves of the carrot. In this case, the watering can is lowered as low as possible so that the stream does not blur the soil next to the plants.

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