• How to wean off the bottle at night

    Wean the child frombottles�at the age of 1.2 to 1.5 years should be using the method of gradual transition. First, stop giving him a bottle during the day, and then gradually try to drink it from a cup and evening milk. You can dilute the milk in a bottle, and from the cup to give whole, undiluted. Then the child will quickly understand that the drink in the cup is much more delicious.
    After one and a half years, try to interest the baby cup. Offer him to choose from which he will drink tonight. You can decorate it with him or invite him to choose this item in the store.
    For children who have already turned two years old, it is difficult to part with the bottle, they will no longer be able to use the method of gradual transition; here you just need to �cut the ends�. Determine the day when you take the bottle away from your child once and for all. Tell him that soon she will not be, because he has already grown. Every day during the week, remind the child about the upcoming event, and at the appointed time, simply remove all the bottles from the house and inform them that they are no longer there.
    Think of a reward for the baby, if he is freaking out, not having received the usual bottle in the evening. Be sure to keep a cup with juice or fruit compote nearby to make it easier to calm the child. Offer him a replacement. Perhaps you are waiting for some not very pleasant evenings, but to regret the child and return him a bottle in this situation is unacceptable. So that such temptation you did not arise, better and in fact allbottles�throw away.

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