• How to wear a body?

    Body attributed to the category of underwear. So it was originally intended. In one piece they connected a T-shirt and panties, and the lower part was made with clasps. Initially, it was the buttons, and later the buttons. The body is sewn mainly from natural fabrics - cotton, viscose, silk, knitted fabric. The top of the body can be with or without a neck, with thin or wide straps, with a detachable bodice and with cups for the chest. How to wear a body? The choice of combinations of body with other clothes depends on the model body.

    Variants of clothes with body

    Exclusive bodysuits are produced, which are worn instead of a shirt or blouse to a party. For example, lace bodysuit. What to wear with such a body, it is better to think about this in advance, and not before the party. It is necessary to pick up a light skirt or wide trousers. From accessories fit large beads or a thin gold chain with a pendant, a necklace with Swarovski rhinestones will look great.

    Body shirts come in different colors and styles. With or without a collar, with a long or short sleeve, with buttons, buttons, hooks, ties, etc.The body in the form of a shirt looks spectacular with jeans and trousers, especially with a low waist. Under the turn-down collar, you can tie a scarf to match the body or in contrast with it.

    Tight body looks good with trousers, shorts, various skirts, especially voluminous ones (option for black bodysuits). If the body has long sleeves, then choose a set of mini-skirts. Body color bodysuit fit under the dress.

    What to wear a shirt-body, you decide. It is only necessary to turn on the fantasy and choose trousers, capris, skirt, sundress, skirt-trousers or safari dress to taste. Body - a piece of clothing that goes very well with completely different items of clothing.

    Body Correction Models

    Currently, manufacturers of branded underwear are paying more and more attention to shape-correcting models. Slimming panties, body, swimsuits, leggings are sold in many lingerie stores for any size.

    In appearance, the corrective underwear is inferior to the exquisite lacy, but it is functionally ahead. Corrective underwear tightens the waist, tightens the buttocks and calves, makes a flat tummy, and the figure - slim and graceful.How to wear a body with a dragging effect, prompted sales assistants.

    The main difference of corrective underwear is its compression properties. While wearing corrective underwear, the figure is visually reduced in size by 1-2 sizes, blood circulation increases and muscle tone increases. Such underwear improves posture, increases breast volume.

    In the postpartum period, corrective underwear will help to cope with stretch marks and tighten the abdomen. What to wear body, corrective figure after childbirth, it is better to check with the doctor. The doctor will tell you whether to wear a slimming body, panties or shorts, whether there are any contraindications and whether it is advisable to wear such underwear immediately after childbirth.

    Shapewear improves skin elasticity and firmness, leading to weight loss. Many women in Europe, America, and now Russia also wear a slimming body under their dresses and look like a million dollars. No fat folds and a sagging abdomen protruding hips and fallen breasts. The figure in such a linen looks perfectly slim, toned, beautiful and graceful. And you get a good mood from the enthusiastic eyes turned on you!

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