• How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    At the end of the seasonal summer sales, things are already coming from the new autumn-winter collections to the stores. At the same time, I do not want to go over to the viewing of fur coats and sweaters right now. Outside the window is still a hot season, which means that of the new products we are interested only in those that can be tried on right now, without waiting for a cooling. In the autumn-winter collections, everything is, as always, fun and diverse: the 1980s shocking with its variegation and the calm 1940s, sporting style and comical interpretations of femininity, good old shoe models and completely new textures. From all presented by designers on the catwalks for the new season of autumn-winter 2016/2017, we chose those trends that, at first glance, seem controversial, but are definitely suitable for the current weather and for the off-season.

    Sweatshirt dress

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Lacoste, autumn-winter 2016/2017;Monki sweatshirt dress (€ 30)

    Designer hoodies - a kind of compromise between chic and comfort, in which the last item outweighs.Extra long versions of sporty overalls that can be worn as dresses were presented by Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Anthony Vaccarello, but the Lacoste version still came out the most chic - instead of sneakers, boots from the 1980s, plus funny Lego prints and a mini handbag.

    What to wear?With high boots and an elegant bag

    One shoulder top

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Moschino, Autumn-Winter 2016/2017;

    In the middle of zero, such tops and dresses went crazy, absolutely everything, and at the same time, women's fashion did not aspire either to asceticism or gender neutrality, therefore, things with a cut on one shoulder looked carnival-feminine - with ruffles, bright prints and a magnificent cut. It is this image of a “girl-girl” from a completely recent past that repeated Moschino, forcing us to once again believe that the 2000s are about to return to fashion.

    What to wear?With jeans or high waisted trousers and high heels

    Velvet jacket

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Alberta Ferretti, Autumn-Winter 2016/2017;Mango velvet jacket (4 499 rub. at a 50% discount)

    Do things from velvet, whether it be at least short shorts, even shoes in men's style, a pompous and theatrical reputation, regardless of the shape and cut. Perhaps it is for this reason that Alberta Ferretti so easily turned his pajamas into a luxurious suit - all thanks to the velvet in the shade of creme brulee.Having removed all types of jeans and jackets from the list, we insist that the velvet jacket is the most attractive and extraordinary purchase in the off-season outerwear category, especially considering that this material can be found both in the form of a pajama jacket and in the form of a bomber jacket .

    What to wear?With inconspicuous dresses that lack entertainment

    Fabric in the manner of tinsel

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Dolce & Gabbana, autumn-winter 2016/2017;French Connection dress (2 105 rubles. at a discount of 70%)

    On the agenda is a true novelty - a material on which we have never experimented, at least until this point. Translated from English, the tinsel fleecy fabric sounds like “tinsel”, and perhaps you can’t think of a better comparison: the Dolce & Gabbana dress from this material looks like a sparkling Christmas tree with a bow instead of a star. If you really try in real life, such frankly strange in appearance (and most likely to the touch ?!) fabrics, then start with a small - for example, with mini dresses.

    What to wear?With laconic accessories

    School uniform

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Trademark, autumn-winter 2016/2017;Boohoo honors (£ 20)

    The touching reincarnation of a small black dress in the autumn-winter season 2016/2017 reminds the school uniform in that laconic and elegant version that makes one regret for a second that the graduation ceremony was so long ago.Trademark's “dress for excellence” turned out to be so strict that a blouse asks for it (and it’s better not just as strict, but with elaborate details, for example, full sleeves), but democratic brands also have less official options (in online stores search by keyword pinafore dress) for summer and autumn.

    What to wear?With a blouse or a plain white t-shirt

    Cossack boots

    How to wear it? We get acquainted with controversial trends of autumn

    Fay, Autumn-Winter 2016/2017;

    In recent seasons, it can be concluded that women's shoes in designer collections have become more comfortable, more courageous and rougher in appearance, and have also noticeably lost their clear seasonal orientation. Now sandals with socks with Lurex are worn at parties in the winter, and high boots-boots with mini-dresses - at summer night parties. And if to argue about tastes, then at the expense of such a frequent shoe model in the autumn-winter collections, like Cossack boots, we have nothing against it: for the off-season this is almost the most practical pair you can think of. But here the top to her in the summer resolutely wants to make more tender in color, pattern and shape.

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