• How to wear leggings

    Gaiters are a good compromise for those who do not deny themselves to wear short skirts and shorts in wet and cold weather. But the leggings, like any item of clothing, you need to choose carefully and with taste.
    How to wear leggings?
    Do not rush to dress up in everything and look like Peppy Long Stocking. Gaiters It will be great to look with shoes on the heel - ankle boots, shoes, shoes, boots, as well as sneakers, ballet shoes and uggs. They can be worn either over the shoe or tucked into ugg boots and boots, which will give them the appearance of golf or short stockings. The illusion of boots will be created by long knitted leggings with boots on a heel. The choice of this element of clothes depends on the image created by you. You can buy with jacquard pattern or with Scandinavian patterns, with braids or knobs, leggings, noodles, wear them on release or under the heel. Choosing them, you need to carefully pay attention to the texture. Girls with thin long legs can afford a horizontal strip, voluminous and completely different colors leggings.Girls who are not very happy with their legs can visually lengthen them by taking on a vertical pattern and matching the model to match the skinny jeans or shoes. You should not get involved in models of "accordion" - legs will seem shorter, and you squat and heavy.
    Clothing in harmony with gaiters:
    - short denim, knitted, knitted dresses;
    - mini skirts;
    - Light tunics;
    - leggings;
    - jeans-pipes;
    - shorts. You can complement the image with knitted scarves, vests, cardigans, jackets, as well as frivolous berets and unusual wooden and metal decorations. Warm knitted leggings look great with a casual style. It is not recommended to wear leggings with evening wear. Anyway, it's still casual wear.
    How to choose the right color?
    As for this piece of clothing, there are no restrictions. Work on the contrast, but do not forget about the right combination of colors. Their diversity is simply amazing: monophonic leggings of all colors of the rainbow, multicolored, decorated with tassels, pom-poms, with threads missed along the entire length, with geometrical patterns, applications and embroidery. Special chic is leather leggings.The perfect complement to shoes or ankle boots on a rainy and cold fall.
    Gaiters firmly entered the fashion world and are not going to give up their positions.

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