• How to win poker?

    Recently, poker has become one of the most popular gambling games. They begin to play it not only in real life (also referred to as "off-line and, at times, quite profitable. In large poker tournaments, millions of dollars sometimes spin. In order to achieve success in poker, you need to have not only a sharp mind and a happy hand, but also be able to competently analyze the psychological portrait of your opponents. For more information about the features of poker and playing it, you can read in one of our articles “How to play poker.” Today, we will focus on other issues and first of all on how to win in poker.

    First you need to understand what Texas Hold'em is in general. Texas Hold'em is currently one of the most common types of poker. The main feature of Texas Hold'em is that there are two pocket cards in the game, as well as five community cards that all players have access to. There are several types of Texas Hold'em:

    1. Limit Hold'em. The essence is obvious after a first glance at the name - the bets of all players are strictly limited.
    2. Pot-Limit Hold'em. The maximum bet limit is measured by the size of the bank.
    3. No Limit Hold'em. Rates are not limited.

    One of the main components of success in poker is a quick analysis of the “hands” and the making of the right decision about dumping or playing them. For quite a long time in poker, it has been decided to unite starting hands in certain groups. The knowledge of groups is incredibly important for capturing victories in major tournaments, so try to study them all. We will consider some quite interesting combinations and tactics:

    1. Tactic Reise. Your main goal with this tactic is to reduce the number of players at the table and increase the bank. To implement this scheme, you need such cards as A A, K K, and also Q Q. Reise is advantageous to do with a good flop.
    2. Tactics Rereise. A bet is made on increasing the size of the bank and taking it without opening the cards. If you have such cards as A A, K K or Q Q - feel free to rereise for each opponent's reise.
    3. Tactic Call. One of the most common tactics. You evaluate your cards, analyze the flop, make the callee and make a decision about the answer to the opponent's bet.

    Cards - the main component of poker. Watch the deck carefully. And in order to predict your cards, you can use a little research about the chance of getting certain cards, which I recently conducted. Consider the facts that were based on the results of this study:

    • According to the data obtained, the chance to get a pair of aces in the game is equal to 0.45%.
    • The chance of getting suited cards is much higher - as much as 23.53%.
    • If you have a pocket pair, you can flop a set with a probability of 11.76%.
    • If you have a K K, then with a probability of 19.31%, an ace will come out on the flop.
    • Often (probability 85%) AA gets a victory from one of the players at the table.
    • The probability of AA being defeated against two players is slightly lower - 73%.
    • AK suited cards more often win in a battle against 22 - 50.1% against 49.9%.
    • Unsuited AKs more often lose in battle with 22 - 49.3% versus 50.7%.
    • 46.4% against 53.6% - statistics of the game suited AK against QQ.
    • The probability of victory for unsuited AKs against QQ is even lower - 43.2% against 56.8%.
    • Almost always, AA wins the game with QC - 82% versus 18%.

    Imagine that you have already learned the whole theory, you know all the groups of hands and have learned how to count cards perfectly. What next? Can I already participate in major tournaments? How to win poker stars?

    If you are eager to become a true professional and make huge money in poker, then our example with poker stars is extremely appropriate for you. PokerStars is the largest gaming company in the online poker market. It is thanks to this company that you can play games with poker masters from all over the world. But be prepared for difficulties. A real poker player always continues to improve his strategies, tactics, methods of the game and never retreats. On the way to victory you will have to learn a lot, as well as work hard and sooner or later your work will be rewarded. Now you know how to win poker!

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