• How to practice at the gym

    How to work out in the gym

    How to work out in the gym

    Now it has become fashionable to be healthy. The number of people engaged in gyms and fitness centers across the country is rapidly increasing. In this material I would like to give you a number of useful tips and to protect from the most common mistakes when working out in gyms.



    So, we decided to start training in the gym. Choosing a gym, pay attention to the coach as a person, as well as the level of his qualifications. Properly chosen set of exercises, as well as the technique of its implementation, are much more important than, for example, the novelty of simulators or the availability of free drinking water in the hall.



    The next step is the selection of clothes for training. Buy not narrow shorts or pants, otherwise they may tear at an “interesting place” when doing the exercises. T-shirt is better to choose not from synthetic material.Sneakers choose to your liking. It is desirable that they are comfortable and ventilated.



    How to start to swing




    Starting exercises in the gym should be a good workout. It is best to choose running as a warm-up. If you run indoors, run for at least 5 minutes. And on the track, try to go or run a distance of at least 1000 meters. When running, it is best to stick to a speed of no more than 10 km / h. If the treadmill installed in your room has the ability to adjust the angle of ascent, then for walking the angle should not be more than 5 degrees, while running it is not worth making an angle at all.



    How to work out in the gym

    How to work out in the gym



    Now go to the main complex. Two weeks, most likely you will not be engaged in exactly the complex, but on the same program, in which the simulators will prevail over the "iron". This is necessary in order to properly prepare your muscles for basic exercises, as well as to enable the trainer to adequately assess your level of training.



    At the end of this couple of weeks, a very significant moment comes, and an experienced trainer should ask about the purpose for which you decided to practice.Based on these answers, he will offer you two directions in which you can move - this can be powerlifting, or bodybuilding (work on the relief and increase in muscle mass). The difference lies in one thing: during powerlifting trainings, weights will be lifted a small number of times. Under bodybuilding refers to multiple approaches with weight, which is not for you the maximum. And let in order to achieve the greatest training effect, it makes sense to try to combine the two approaches, moreover, you have already learned how to become higher.



    How to swing




    A few recommendations on how to properly swing in the gym. One session of classes will usually consist of 9-10 exercises, and 5 approaches each. As a rule, use the 3-day complex (three classes a week every other day). The general meaning of training is to provide a very high load on a separate set of muscles, and not on the whole body or limb. Only in this case will be provided with active muscle growth. However, muscle fibers can adapt to the same type of load, so sometimes it is useful to make a small variety in the course of training. For example, on the first approach, work with significantly more weight than usual.Or do the latter approach with a small weight, however, the maximum number of times. Thus, you will be able to “score a muscle” and you will be able to translate it into a state called hypertonus. This is occasionally useful. A few words about self-control: try to do all the exercises before there is a burning sensation in the muscles that you train. Between approaches, you can slightly massage the muscle that you are currently training - so you will increase blood circulation and slightly reduce the content of metabolites in the muscle.



    Muscle physiology




    There are 2 types of fibers in your muscles: fibers are fast and fibers are slow. Fast muscle fibers use glucose as an energy source, while slow fibers are used to break down fats. The number of fibers, as well as the proportion between fast and slow fibers, remains unchanged throughout a person’s life. During the load on the muscles, an tear or stretching of the fibers may occur. The more you can stretch a muscle, the greater the increase in fiber. In addition, a good effect of training will be after doing the exercise, during which the muscles are in a state of tension.This means that, for example, if you are pumping up your biceps with a barbell, you must perform the exercise continuously, without resting at the highest point. It also means that all types of strength exercises need to be performed slowly, and especially at the time of lowering the weight. Rise is allowed to produce a little faster. At the beginning of the exercise, you can perform on the account: they counted to five - dropped, counted to four - lifted. When the optimal rhythm is found, you can continue without counting.



    How to choose weight for training in the gym




    And if you are doing an approach in which you need to do 13-16 repetitions, then the weight is very difficult to pick up. The first two approaches you do the exercises as necessary, according to the technique, and after them the fast fibers begin to deplete, and it becomes difficult for you, or even impossible to do the exercises technically true.



    How to work out in the gym

    How to work out in the gym



    In such cases, you just need to reduce weight and do everything too, the number of repetitions, however, in the right way. However, if instead of losing weight, you will try to help yourself with other muscles, or perform faster,or lift in the form of a jerk - then you will not be able to speed up the training process, and vice versa, you will reduce the training effect, because you violate the basic principle - isolated muscle tension.



    How to eat when you swing




    You will need carbohydrates and proteins. To get these items, the best option will be eating porridge and meat. From porridges it is best to choose buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.

    Of the meat is best to eat chicken, brisket, low-fat pork and beef, perhaps fish.

    Honey, fruit and nuts are also helpful. Sweet carbonated water, white bread, all kinds of alcoholic beverages should be excluded. This is due to the excess content of carbohydrates in these products.



    A separate topic for conversation is sports nutrition, but if to say briefly, then those who want to get better should use gainers in which carbohydrate content prevails, and those who want to have prominent muscles should pay attention to high-protein gainers.



    In the end I would like to wish you to achieve high results and a great mood from your classes.

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