• How to write a letter?

    Sometimes you need to write a letter, and we forget how it is done. And the question relates not only to writing letters on paper, but also to the usual e-mail. How to write a competent letter, so as not to cause rejection and disapproval of the addressee? First choose how the letter will be sent - via regular mail or via email.

    Letters on paper

    Take a new sheet of paper. Do not use sheets torn from an album with jagged edges. Ideally, you can take a special letter paper. Now follow the instructions clearly.

    1. Appeal. Any letter should be started with the appeal. If this is your favorite person, then "Hello, dear." If the letter is official, then �Dear Ivan Ivanovich� or �Dear Administration�.
    2. The essence of the letter. Depart from the treatment a couple of centimeters. Now describe the essence. If you communicate with a loved one, write as if you were talking to him. If this letter is more official, follow the style, do not break it with non-literary words.Important: write carefully, try not to make corrections and do not lubricate the hand written.
    3. Conclusion In the end, it is advisable to write a couple of lines summarizing your message. If you made a request, you can write �I hope for a quick solution to my problem� or �Please consider my request� in conclusion. If you just described your vacation, and the letter was meant for a friend, then: �I was glad to talk with you. See you soon".
    4. Signature. Usually at the end of the letter is signed, for example, �Ivanov. II ", or" Your brother Alexey ". If the letter is official, be sure to sign the date, signature. If not, on request. Although the date never hurts, perhaps these letters will be re-read later and will be included in the family history.


    How to correctly write a letter if you need a quick response? In this case, it is more convenient to use the network, write an email. Here everything will be much more compact. In our century, too fanciful letters are not accepted to write, especially with the help of e-mail.

    • Appeal and signature here are also required.
    • The essence of the letter can be stated succinctly, if there are questions - they can be clarified in a repeated letter.If you attach a file, be sure to mention this. A person may simply not notice the attachment.
    • Try to write correctly, mistakes always cause rejection. If you are not sure of a good knowledge of the language, write a letter in Word, it will underline words that have errors. Then the letter can be copied to not send in the file. Although, if the letter is official, then it will be more correct and more beautiful if you attach the file with the letter to your departure.
    • If you doubt how to write a letter correctly, do not over-decorate it. Sometimes it is inappropriate. However, in an informal letter, it is allowed to use bold and underline selections.
    • It is noticed that in e-mails important information should be at the beginning. For some reason, what is written at the end of the letter is not remembered or read without attention. Therefore, write immediately after contacting the most necessary.

    If you often write letters, you know all these tricks. And if not, now you know what to do in the letter is impossible, and what is quite acceptable.

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