• How to zip up a jacket?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    March 7, 2013
    How to zip up a jacket?

    A very important and for many indispensable thing in the wardrobe - a jacket. For both men and women, this thing has gained tremendous importance. Much depends on how to fasten a jacket. You can go to a business meeting and go on a date in the evening. You can apply a jacket in different ways, the main thing is to know how to fasten it in one way or another.

    Basic rules for a business meeting

    Imagine that a man goes to a business meeting, for example, for lunch. If the jacket is on three buttons, then the bottom can remain unbuckled. The rules of business etiquette do not impose too strict prohibitions on men. However, the classic jacket in most cases, it is still customary to fasten all buttons. But if a woman goes to dinner with business partners or to negotiate, she should completely fasten all the buttons of the jacket, regardless of their number.

    Basic rules for a friendly meeting

    For example, after lunch with business partners a man goes to a friendly meeting in a cafe or bar.In this case, there are no special rules. If there is one button on the jacket, it should be fastened in any case. If two or more, the bottom remains always unbuttoned. If you sit down, all the buttons can be undone. Women, because of the variety of informal jackets, can fasten this item on one button. You can not fasten the button on the jacket when walking, meeting friends. Such jackets should not be worn at business meetings.

    You also need to know how to properly fasten a jacket on a date. It is necessary regardless of the number of buttons to fasten the entire jacket. You can leave the bottom button unbuttoned. If the conversation flows into a friendlier, you can unbutton all the buttons. But this is still not recommended. When you enter the room, the jacket must be fully fastened. For women in this respect no restrictions. The jacket can be buttoned on the middle button, can be completely unbuttoned. The main thing - do not show the lining of the jacket, if it does not have the proper appearance. This rule applies to both men and women.

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