• How, why and where to travel alone?

    Suppose you decided to take a vacation in June and have already chosen a place, but you haven’t found the company and decide that it’s better to postpone the idea until better times until you find a traveling companion, or to tune out to someone’s friends and change your plans . Traveling alone, especially when it comes to a full-fledged vacation, and not a short trip for the weekend, few are decided: someone needs support for fun, someone for help in organizing the trip and for economy, someone for security. And it is in vain, because traveling alone is a kind of therapy for the soul, after which you feel more confident in yourself and in your abilities. So if before the onset of the holiday season you did not find a companion for yourself, do not tune out to anyone and go on a journey on your own and alone. In this material, we have prepared route ideas and useful tips for girls who want to try a solo trip.

    Where to go alone: ​​the top 5 fun and safe routes for girls

    Verona, Italy
    In the homeland of Juliet, every corner breathes romance, and there are not so many tourists in the summer - most prefer to stay here passing through. However, you can do the same, taking your favorite book with you, renting a car and wandering around the Italian province wherever you wish. Italy is good in the dynamics of long journeys, and in measured walks, if only you do not forget to pause for the sake of pizza or ice cream.

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    Hong Kong, China
    For some reason, Hong Kong has established itself as a route for business tourism, but there will be some advantages to traveling alone: ​​no one will look askance when you solo go on a boat trip around the bay or sit down to try local dumplings of dim sum at a table on one. And this city of skyscrapers is perhaps the most inspired (and safe!) Place for walking at night in Asia, when all the buildings are illuminated with thousands of lights and you feel that you are in the future.

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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Fans of Sweden will surely quarrel, defining this city as the best museum capital of Europe or as the most worthy shopping route. In fact, with both, everything is in order: there are museums for every taste from sea to design, as well as shops - from second-hand to boutiques of world famous Swedish brands like Acne or Filippa K. And for thoughtful shopping and meditation walks through museums company you do not need.

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    Koh Samui, Thailand
    Yoga on the beach, massage, hours of lying on the beach with the player, again, massage, lunch ... Perhaps, in this schedule, even it will be difficult to think that you are missing something. But even so, the public on Samui is quite an international, relaxed and open to acquaintances, so you will not be bored alone for long.

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    Lisbon, Portugal
    In Lisbon it is impossible not to fall in love, at least once seeing colorful, tiled houses, yellow trams and fantastic views of the river, which open up around every corner, the benefit of the city is on several hills. In loneliness it is necessary to settle in Lisbon in the Barrio Alto quarter so that in the evenings in the evenings to drink wine with young people right on the street,and in the afternoon explore the tiny fish restaurants with three or four tables in the Alfama quarter. Once the city is bored, you can escape from here to the ocean - live under the sound of the waves and learn to surf.

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    How to organize a trip alone?

    Tips for a successful trip alone might be the same as tips for any other trip, in a couple or in a big company, except that this time you better be a little more prudent in terms of organizing the trip and think about possible misunderstandings in advance:
    - When booking a hotel, make sure that you are offered a single room for payment, so as not to overpay;
    - Take with you not too many things in the expectation that up to the baggage limit there will be a few kilograms for "souvenirs", because the option "shift part to a friend" will not be;
    - Write down all emergency telephones and, if possible, take two phones with you, in order to use a local SIM card in one, and in another - a Russian one;
    - If you have two plastic cards, then take both with you on the trip and always leave one at the hotel, so as a last resort you can transfer money to it;
    - Find public transport from the airport, not to pay for a taxi alone, - usually on tourist forums there is information about the price, schedule and even the place of the stop;
    - Choose a hotel with a 24-hour reception, so as not to worry that the plane will be late or you decide to stay at a party for a long time;
    - Try not to look like a tourist, so as not to attract too much attention to yourself, and do not walk along the streets, having buried in a guidebook. Walk better by yourself and discover new places with your own eyes.

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