• I want a happy marriage

    I'm getting married soon, never lived with a guy before. I know about the expression "love boat crashed on life." How to behave so that this does not happen?
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    Asya Rakhmatova
    Asya Rakhmatova
    Answered on November 29, 2014 08:07
    The most important thing - it does not drip on his brain, do not teach life as a small child. Be smart. Find an approach to your man, to say about some things that you do not like, in a form that does not humiliate him and not offend. Regardless, you live together 10 years or 1 year, be a weak woman. Do not take everything into their own hands. Let the man know that you are a weak woman. Otherwise, if you go shopping yourself and hang pictures and twist bulbs, the man will get used to it. And then, when even you ask for help, he will refuse. After all, he was accustomed to the fact that you are doing everything yourself, like a draft horse. Do not be surprised then that he will help the neighbor rather than you. Of course, learn to cook, and if you can, then make the dishes varied. It will not be superfluous to master another cuisine with new dishes. Always dress at home as a holiday (within reason, of course).After all, a man loves his eyes. Do not run yourself, in any case. Even if you have a child, or do not have free time, always remain beautiful for your husband and desired. In general, remember, you should be the mistress, and whore, and caring mommy in one person.
    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva
    Answered on November 29, 2014 08:45
    The main thing is respect and ability to get out of conflicts, as they are inevitable in personal relationships. Well, being a good housewife and being able to be in bed is also important.

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