• Perfect lipstick - what is it?

    All representatives of the fair sex are well aware that female beauty is expressed in every centimeter of the body, the ideal girl should be able to care for everything that her nature has rewarded, skillfully emphasizing her main advantages - this is an important skill of a real lady.

    And beautiful, well-groomed, sensual and properly made up women's lips are able to drive mad any man, there will be different connoisseurs with their tastes, someone plump, and someone strict and thin like, but the fact remains.

    Perfect color is hard to find

    In addition, a properly selected lipstick is always half of a successful make-up, which is able to properly refresh your face, give it young innocence, or, on the contrary, passionate looseness, everything will depend on the tone and method of applying lipstick.

    Lipstick is an incredibly popular cosmetic that was actively used about 5 thousand years ago! Lipstick existed even in ancient Babylon, where it was made of gemstones crushed into microscopic crumbs.

    In pursuit of the beauty of women, even stupid and dangerous actions were committed: in the 16th century there was a lipstick made on the basis of ford and iodine, when such a composition hit the body, a person could quickly part with life. In the XIX century, lips painted less often, bright lipstick often became a sign of vulgarity and swagger of its owner.

    Liquid option

    In the XX century, this cosmetic product returned to its former popularity and does not part with it until now, modern cosmetic boutiques and shops offer an incredibly wide selection of a wide variety of options.

    Needless to say, getting lost in such an abundance of feminine joys is very simple, because manufacturers offer a really wide range of colors, various packaging options and textures, how to find what you need? Many women are wondering how to choose the right lipstick?

    It is very important that such a cosmetic product suits its owner in color, and this applies not only to the color of the lips, skin or hair, it is necessary to push off from a particular wardrobe, everything should be harmonized as harmoniously as possible.

    How to start choosing lipstick?

    Of course, from its composition. High-quality lipstick can not be very cheap, the low price most likely speaks of its not very attractive makeup.

    Scientists have found that a woman’s life, on average, eats about 2 kg of such a drug, it gets on the mucous membrane, settles on the teeth and gums, harmful ingredients can adversely affect women's health.

    Decoration for girls

    Many manufacturers try to hide the composition, for this they indicate it with small letters or even hide under the label of the barcode. Be careful, the composition of a good lipstick should include natural wax, if you observe there mineral oil, then this option is best left on the counter.

    Also not the best quality lipstick may include: paraffin, lanolin, preservatives and synthetic wax, and the shelf life of such a product may exceed 12 months, while high-quality lipstick cannot be stored for such a long time.

    Remember that not always expensive lipstick means quality, be sure to check the composition, shelf life and date of production, the most environmentally friendly products are found among those manufacturers who use natural raw materials and have appropriate labeling.

    Pay attention to the appearance: the texture should be dense, uniform, without incomprehensible inclusions, bubbles or drips, make sure that there are no cracks, pigment accumulations, dents or, especially, cracks on the retractable rod.

    Do not forget about the smell: it should be pleasant or absent altogether, this is a prerequisite, if it is not satisfied - lipstick is either old or substandard.

    Main types

    • The most classic variant is a cylindrical cover, from which the rod of lipstick is twisted, this option is one of the most convenient, common and practical.
    • Liquid lipstick is usually sold in cylindrical bottles, which are closed with a stopper with a brush to apply it. Such products perfectly soften and moisturize the skin of the lips, however, while it is quickly washed off and swells, it is desirable to use it in pairs with a contour pencil.
    • Dry lipstick is very resistant, however, it is not very pleasant to wear on the lips, as it contains many dyes and dries the lips.
    • Lipstick-pencil, it is used in the same way as usual, very convenient and practical.
    • Creamy lipstick, due to its composition is usually applied with a finger or a special brush, packaged in jars and tubes. Very pleasant and gentle, almost devoid of dyes, however, unstable, because of what quickly erased.

    How to choose the most suitable color?

    Selection of “one's own” color is rather difficult and painstaking, there is one interesting way: put the color you like on your fingertips. As it turned out, it is this part of our body that is as close as possible to the color of the lips, so here you can appreciate their combination.

    Make a start from the shape of your lips: calm and matte tones are more suitable for puffy ones, for example, purple, brown, bronze, pink and so on.

    There are plenty to choose from

    For thin lips, it is recommended to choose a bright lipstick of bright shades, and options with a shiny texture can add additional volume. In general, the choice of such a cosmetic can affect almost any factor: age, hair and skin color, eye and hair color, the overall tone of the wardrobe, the color of the teeth and even the time of day!

    In good specialized stores must be a consultant who will surely offer you the most suitable options and possible shades for your skin and hair type.

    In addition to color, it is important to pay attention to the texture of lipstick, it is divided into three main types: matte, with glitter and mother of pearl.

    Matte colors are always more saturated, but they dry the skin of the lips, and mother-of-pearl can be used only by girls with an ideal lip surface, otherwise all the flaws will be instantly visible and emphasized twice. Do not forget to evaluate the texture of lipstick: moisturizing types always have rich colors, contain various natural oils, nutrients are ideal for dry lips, they soften and moisturize them.

    How to apply?

    In order for lipstick to look good, you need to remove the previous layer of makeup, and then apply a cosmetic product, blot the rest.

    If you use liquid or moisturizing options, then first you need to draw a contour with a pencil so that you can see a clear form. To keep the lipstick better, a transparent lip balm or a layer of hygienic lipstick can be applied under it.

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