• If a man dreams, what does this mean?

    Irina Gromyak
    Irina Gromyak
    March 12, 2013
    If a man dreams, what does this mean?

    Dreams are a very complex process. They were interpreted for a very long time. And dreams can be different - they can foreshadow some events, but they can mean nothing.

    What dreams warn

    It happens that in a dream we often dream of people. We dream of just acquaintances, relatives, loved ones, the dead and the living. At the same time, we always ask ourselves what this dream predicts to us. And yet, if a man dreams, what does this mean? There are different hypotheses about this. Basically, dreams tell us dreams. Some dream books say that if a man dreams, you have a grudge against him and it is very difficult to forgive her. Other dream books write that you have high feelings for him.

    If you dream of a dead person, then no one knows for sure why the dead person comes in a dream. They say that if a dead man is in a coffin, then troubles and failures await you.

    If in a dream you see a happy person, then good luck and good news are waiting for you.If your enemy comes to your dream, then a disease awaits you, but it will not last long. If you defeated your enemy, you will overcome your difficulties and illnesses.

    Sometimes in a dream, there are people who often communicate with you, and you get some emotions from it.

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