• "In any way" how to spell?

    Natalya Chekanova
    Natalya Chekanova
    March 13, 2013
    "In any way" how to spell?

    About adverbs have been repeatedly written on our site, but the problems of writing them continue to worry the Internet users. For example, the question often arises: “according to any,” how do you spell it?

    First of all, it is worth noting that if this word is used as an adverb, then it is relatively new and refers to slang expressions. So, in the dictionary you will not meet him. But since it appeared and is used often, you need to decide on its writing. In any case, it is an adverb, and it is written, like all similar parts of speech with the prefix “in” and the suffix “to”. That is, through a hyphen. Used to mean "in any case, necessarily." The right option: anyway. Example: "Yes, he is in any way wrong!".

    But if this is a more traditional pronoun with a preposition, then it is written separately. For example: "Argue for any reason." Now you know how to spell "for anyone."

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