• When can I use a gun? (except hunting)

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    Answered on November 17, 2014 21:53
    If your gun is legally registered as it should be, then you can use it not only on the hunt. Of course, let this never happen. but if suddenly your home is attacked or threatened by your life, or the lives of your household, then you can use your weapon as a self-defense. It would be nice to shoot in the air. in order to scare off the intruders and then under the article themselves not to get "about exceeding the limits of permissible self-defense" (from our bodies will be). You can also use your gun for entertainment, shoot banks in the field for example :-))
    Carol scott
    Carol scott
    Answered on April 12, 18:16
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    Victoria Galyanova
    Victoria Galyanova
    Answered on August 28 22:03
    Any weapon can be used only in emergency cases when there is a real threat to life or health, and another measure is useless.

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