• Innovative ideas from stores that look at us from a brighter future

    Absolutely all people go to the store for shopping, as if I did not want to avoid it. But fortunately, recently some stores offer to facilitate the shopping process, and even enjoy it. The resourcefulness of such entrepreneurs knows no bounds. The desire to surprise and delight customers generatesincredible ideas that we want to talk about today.

    1. We are all irritated by consultants who, like annoying flies, are eager to "help" us. The owners of this store have come up with a new way of pleasant shopping - you can choose a basket that gives the consultant to understand whether you need help or not.

    2. And this bookstore is intriguing with its new idea - you can choose a book only by its description, without knowing the name or author of the book.

    3. Built-in calculator that allows you to assess your strength and calculate the cost of purchases, without reaching the cashier.

    4.When buying a mattress, the store gives a mattress for your dog. Nice little thing!

    5. In order not to be upset and nervous while waiting for the plane, the airport offers all travelers to read interesting stories.

    6. In this supermarket you can buy unique kits for homeless people.

    7. And in this store you can buy products that have lost their beautiful appearance, at a special price.

    8. Buying products is a painful affair, not only for parents, but also for children. Take your child and give it a free fruit.

    9. Cool built-in gps-navigator, which will help not to get lost in a huge supermarket.

    10. In this store, bananas are sorted by the degree of maturity.

    11. The freshest mushrooms right in the store.

    12. Such hangers will help to make the right choice.

    13. Help for the visually impaired is a special magnifying glass that will help see all the ingredients of your purchases.

    14. Change your mind to buy products directly from the cashier? So leave them on a special shelf.

    15. Want to check whether winter clothes will save you from frost? This simulator offers you this opportunity.

    16. Your dog will be delighted with such a cart. The main thing - that all products are not eaten.

    17.And in this fitting room you can see what the clothes look like under different lighting conditions.

    18. A special platform for testing shoes on different surfaces.

    19. Do you want to make a cocktail, but do not want to go shopping and find the right ingredients? This store offers ready-made kits for cocktails!

    20. A special device that shows how sweet apples are.

    21. And such a trolley helps to charge a mobile phone. Perhaps the most necessary invention.

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