• Instead of mom: 12 star dads on maternity leave

    In our country, they somehow look askance at the guys who are on maternity leave instead of their wife. Yes, and their wives too. In the West, no one will be surprised by a man’s decree. True, there and leave after the birth of a child are not so long: three months, a maximum of six months. However, it does not matter. We found the star dads who decided to go to the decree instead of his wife - or with her. Take an example!


    1. Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams fiance

    Photo: @serenawilliams

    First on our list, because he just announced his intention. Serena is now in the sixth month of pregnancy, the child will be born to the couple only in the fall. But they are already preparing for the emergence of the heir - or the heiress. The future dad is so happy that he carries his half in his arms, and after the birth of the baby he is going to devote himself to the child. For six weeks.

    2. Vladimir Kekhman, husband of Ida Lolo

    Photo: @xenia_sobchak

    49-year-old solid bearded man goes on maternity leave. Say funny? Come on! Kekhman - an accomplished man, a businessman, director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater, had a lot of time, and now he has decided that the time has come for the family.In the end, why do people work for wear, earning all the money in the world? To allow yourself to eventually become happy. Vladimir Kekhman has such a method. Especially as on the decree he sits either in Nice or in Saint-Tropez.

    3. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Photo: @cristiano

    Everything is simple. Mom kids have no football player. More precisely, biologically, that is, but it does not count: the surrogate mother received a lot of money for her services and disappeared forever from the life of Cristiano and his children. All three heirs to Ronaldo, the seven-year-old Cristiano Jr. and the newborn twins Eva and Mateu, were born "by request." Therefore, an athlete with a clear conscience left his team in Kazan, where they played for the Confederations Cup. And now she is resting at home, hugging her eldest son and two babies.

    4. Josh Duhamel, Fergie's Husband

    Photo: @fergie
    Photo: @fergie

    Beautiful couple, what can I say. And love each other, it seems, to the point of madness. Josh did not doubt for a second that he had to be with his wife not only in grief and joy, but also in caring for a newborn baby. When their son Axel was born, Duhamel announced a career break and went to learn the skills of changing diapers and bottle feeding.

    5.Prince William, spouse of Duchess Kate Middleton

    Photo: GettyImages

    All can kings. Even go on maternity leave. But not for long. When the firstborn of the royal couple was born, cutie George, William took maternity leave. Well, yes, and you thought being a prince is not a job? More like work. Let go of the royal son for two weeks. A bit, of course. But without him, there is someone to help Kate. And when Charlotte was born, the prince was released for a month.

    6. Kanye West, husband Kim Kardashian

    Photo: @kimkardashian
    Photo: @kimkardashian
    Photo: @kimkardashian

    The rapper’s reputation is so-so: a brawler and nervous breakdowns happen to him. But there is one thing. Look at the pictures of the West-Kardashian family: it doesn’t matter on Instagram or by the paparazzi. It is easy to see how reverently the brutal rapper treats his wife. He holds the door, supports him by the elbow, straightens the laces on his shoes - he is always there, always ready to protect Kim from any trouble. Therefore, the fact that he took a pause in his career, when their daughter North was born, is not even surprising. For half a year, by the way.

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