• Interesting dishes from grape leaves

    Do you know that you can use not only the fruits of grapes, but also its leaves? And from them you can cook a lot of interesting and delicious dishes!

    What leaves will fit?

    Leaves that you decide to use for culinary purposes should be, first of all, fresh. They can not be spots or holes that talk about the infectious lesions of the plant or the attacks of parasites. Choose large-sized leaves if you need to wrap other ingredients in them (small ones will not work for such purposes). To add to salads or hot dishes, there will be enough medium-sized young leaves. It is best to collect them during the beginning of the flowering of the vine, and white grapes give the most succulent and delicate foliage. Green varieties of red is also suitable for food, but differs in jagged edges and hardness.

    It is important where the grape leaves are collected. The bush should ideally be located in your country or summer cottage and be protected from dust, exhaust gases and other pollutants.After collecting the leaves should be immediately used or put in the refrigerator, in which they lie for several days.

    Variants of cooking dishes from grape leaves

    Grape leaves can be used both fresh and pre-treated. Dense and hard foliage before cooking soaked in cool water for a day or showered with boiling water. And for the preparation of this product are used salting and freezing. If you do not know what to prepare from the leaves of the vine, then below are presented and described different dishes.


    Grape leaves have long been used to make dolma. If you want to pamper yourself, loved ones or guests with such a dish, prepare the products:

    • half a cup of round grain rice;
    • 500 g fresh or harvested grape leaves;
    • 450 g of minced pork and beef;
    • three rather large onions;
    • three tbsp. l. tomato paste;
    • big spoon of dried basil;
    • big spoon of dried cilantro (if there is fresh, you can add it);
    • ground hot pepper;
    • glass of water;
    • salt.


    1. First you need to do rice. It is not necessary to boil it, as it will reach the desired state in the process of cooking dolma.But wash it well, otherwise the filling will not be as crumbly as it should be.
    2. Keep making stuffing. Bulbs clean and either pass through a meat grinder, or grind in a blender, but in any case you need to achieve a state of thick slurry or at least very small pieces. Put the onions in mixed ground meat, add rice and tomato paste, and pepper and salt immediately. Stir the mass well.
    3. If the leaves of the grapes are hard, they can be washed with boiling water or immersed in hot water for a minute to soften and become pliable.
    4. Prepare the work surface, put the first sheet on it, so that the streaks are on top, remove the legs and, if necessary, cut off uneven edges and strongly protruding areas. In the center of the sheet, place a tablespoon with a hill of filling, wrap it. This package can be immediately put in a pan so that it does not turn around. Do the same with the rest of the leaves and filling.
    5. Fill the pan with a dolm, pour in the water, and cover everything with a plate that should press down all folds and prevent them from rising.
    6. After boiling water reduce the heat and cook the dish for about forty minutes.
    7. Finished hot dolma can be served with a spicy sauce of yoghurt with garlic.

    Healthy salad

    With grape leaves, tasty and light salads are obtained. To make one of these, prepare:

    • 300 g of grape leaves;
    • a glass of peeled pine or walnut nuts;
    • a large spoonful of honey;
    • a couple of art. l. olive oil;
    • garlic clove;
    • fresh basil;
    • salt.


    1. Leaves after washing should literally boil for a minute in lightly salted water.
    2. Walnuts can be chopped up a little, leave the pine nuts intact.
    3. Peel the garlic and for pass through the press, or chop.
    4. Mix the leaves, nuts and garlic, add honey and olive oil. Top with basil.
    5. Unusual salad is ready, you can serve it.

    Appetizer of cheese and grape leaves

    If you prefer appetizing and easy-to-prepare snacks, then this recipe will come to the rescue when guests suddenly descend, or a picnic is planned. Here is what you need:

    • 400 g of cheese, the best brine;
    • 20 grape leaves;
    • five large spoons of olive oil;
    • three garlic cloves;
    • 70 ml of natural honey (buckwheat is best suited).

    Description of preparation:

    1. Cheese should be cut into slices with a thickness of about 7-10 millimeters. The optimal size is about 3x4 cm. Wrap each piece in a grape leaf.
    2. In a frying pan, heat the oil and on it on both sides literally a couple of minutes fry the grape leaves with cheese wrapped in them.
    3. Prepare a kind of sweet-piquant sauce by mixing honey with pre-cleaned and any way grinded garlic.
    4. The appetizer is served hot and with a garlic-honey sauce.

    Another snack option

    This appetizer is also prepared with the addition of cheese, but a little different. You will need this set of ingredients:

    • about 18 grape leaves;
    • three tbsp. l. olive or sunflower oil;
    • about 50 g of green onions;
    • bunch of dill;
    • 170 g ricotta or feta cheese;
    • st. l. lemon juice;
    • salt;
    • about 200 g of broth;
    • ground hot pepper.

    Cooking process:

    1. If you took fresh leaves, they should preferably be dipped in boiling salted water for a minute, so that they become more elastic and easily folded.
    2. Chop the onion and fry in olive oil until soft. Mix it (butter, too, use) with finely chopped dill and cheese, add lemon juice and salt if desired.Mix everything until smooth.
    3. Wrap the stuffing in the leaves of the grapes just like when cooking dolma.
    4. Place the stuffed rolls in a heat-resistant container, pour the broth and either send it to the oven for ten minutes or simmer on the stove for five minutes.

    Leaves for the future

    The leaves of the vine can be reserved for the winter. There is a lot of ways of preparation, but this is extremely simple. It will take this:

    • fresh grape leaves;
    • water;
    • salt.

    Description of preparation:

    1. In two saucepans bring the water to a boil and salt it enough, adding 1.5-2 large spoons for each liter or a little less.
    2. Fold the leaves into piles of about twenty pieces. Remove one pan to the side, and the water in the other should simmer moderately.
    3. Just a few seconds, immerse the stacks of leaves in boiling water and immediately remove (you can use a noisy or colander for this).
    4. Tamp the soft leaves over the jars and pour water from another pan, bringing it to a boil again.
    5. Close the jars. It is not necessary to sterilize them, but you can do this so that the snack stays longer.

    The proposed recipes will surely conquer you and your loved ones, so choose one or use several to prepare interesting dishes.

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