• Interesting historical series of 2015

    On long winter evenings, it is sometimes very necessary to pass all that free time, which you usually cannot find in other periods of the year. Comfortably curled up under the rug, with a mug of your favorite tea in your hand, plunge into watching an interesting and eventful series, what could be better? Feel yourself as the heroine of some intriguing story, with a head to plunge into the secrets and difficulties that are happening on the screen of events ...

    Recently, historical series are especially popular: beautiful costumes, secrets of palace coups, the spirit of the past and the images of those people who made the brightest and even fatal changes in the history of our planet.

    Today we will list the best historical series for the past 2015: each of them with its own plot and special highlight, which easily attracts the viewer into the abyss of events.

    • "The Last Kingdom", United Kingdom

    The times described in the series are the period of the reign of King Alfred the Great, who managed to expel from the lands of the overseas invaders in the face of the Vikings.The central hero of the whole narration is Utred Bibanburg, of noble blood and a descendant of the Saxon kind: bloodthirsty barbarians stole him in infancy, leaving him alive only by a miracle.

    Having proved himself as a brave and devoted warrior, he remains in the upbringing of the Vikings, but, over time, the young man faces a difficult choice: on which side to fight? Those among whom grew up, or those who should be at the call of blood? Magnificent battle scenes, colorful pictures of ancient Britain, talented actors and high-quality costumes - all this makes the series a must-see, especially for those who love the theme of Vikings, knights and kings.

    • "Great", Russia

    An excellent example of high-quality domestic cinema: a good opportunity to slightly expand your knowledge about the history of the Russian state. In the center of the picture is a description of life (from the moment of her young age, coming to Russia and the solemn ascension to the throne as empress) of Catherine the Great, once young and naive Sophia Frederica.

    The girl who dreamed of a fairy tale abruptly plunged into the harsh realities of palace life: her future husband, Grand Duke Peter, does not harbor warm feelings for her, the palace subjects turn out to be solid schemers and conspirators.The personal drama of a lonely, but very strong and intelligent woman is revealed against the background of the struggle for power and even for her own life.

    • Versailles, France

    In one title lies the whole essence of the place mentioned - luxurious balls, intrigues, elegant court ladies and gallant favorites, a thirst for power, palace luxury ... In general, not the best place for a small 4-year-old boy who had to be among all this diversity after the death of his father , king of France. It was at that age that the famous Louis XIV ascended the throne: he did not have to rule naturally, his mother consulted for him with a whole council of ministers.

    But not the most pleasant thing happens - the mother of the king is dying, now Louis needs to learn to rule himself is not the smallest state in the world. And if you thought that France remained in the hands of a helpless child, you are mistaken: the future “sun king” will very quickly be able to prove his skills necessary for the monarch, and will begin to write his own history of the French state.

    • Tut, Canada

    Next on our list is a Canadian series, which, no doubt, is worth seeing to all those who are interested in the history of ancient civilizations, especially of Ancient Egypt.In the midst of events is one of the most mysterious figures who had tremendous power and influence, namely, the pharaoh Tuttanhamon. In the 6 series, all aspects of life and colors of that time are well revealed: how difficult it is to be the youngest ruler in the history of Egypt.

    Surprisingly, a young man who, by our standards, is still a child, sets very unchildish goals for himself: to rule a multi-million state for the sake of its prosperity. Beautiful scenery and costumes, high-quality directorial work, as well as the successful play of actors will allow the viewer to plunge into the world of an ancient civilization, which, even after so many years, we do not get tired of recalling and wondering about its former power.

    • Poldark, UK

    Another worthy example of high-quality foreign cinema: beautiful landscapes, fascinating plot, charismatic and ideological heroes, skillful transfer of the realities of England of the XVIII century, in general, ready-made set for a successful story. In the center of the picture is Ross Poldark, who returns from America to his homeland after a difficult war, but there he no longer finds what was before.

    His father died, his girlfriend, convinced that Poldark had died a long time ago, was receiving courtship from his cousin, and his own estate was ruined.Probably, any other would long ago have dropped his hands, but you still do not know Ross Poldark!

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