• Is it possible to make love during menstruation?

    This issue is becoming more relevant every year. Most women during their periods feel an acute need for sex due to raging hormones. As a result, it is very difficult to hold back desire. And here comes the question of whether it is possible to make love during menstruation?

    In this question, there is neither an approved �yes� nor a categorical �no�. There are a lot of different myths, reservations, empty, unsupported statements that it is harmful to health. But do not believe everything they say. There are proven things through various experiences and checks. And today I will reveal to you the true meaning of this question. So, is it possible to make love during menstruation?

    Many years ago, gynecologists claimed that making love during menstruation is harmful to health and completely unacceptable for our body. Probably at that time, it was so. But today everything has changed. Doctors began to talk about the benefits of this process.

    Positive sides:

    1. During menstruation, women sensitivity increases, so she may experience new sensations.
    2. The woman's vagina during menstruation is very moist. It does not create discomfort and discomfort.
    3. During menstruation, women often experience pain. So after sex, the pain of a woman becomes much less.

    Negative sides:

    1. Most women think that it is impossible to get pregnant during their periods. But this is just another myth. So you should be attentive and responsible, and better protected.
    2. The appearance of blood during sexual intercourse is also not conducive to rapprochement. Rather, on the contrary, leads to constraint and understatement. This fact should be taken into account.
    3. It is necessary to take care of the laundry dark color or come up with other hygiene options. Otherwise, it can negate all the fun.
    4. And most importantly, the infection during this period is most easily picked up!

    I told you about the pros and cons of this issue. It�s up to you to decide, but it seems to me that there are many more negative sides, and own health is much more important. I think if you wait 5-7 days, nothing terrible will happen.But rather the opposite, you will bypass a number of problems that arise when making love during menstruation. And most importantly, do not get any infections and diseases. What will allow you to subsequently enjoy love day and night. And by the way, abstinence is even useful, if only for training purposes. After all, everyone has long known that what eludes and is hard to give, a man wants even more. So, ahead of you will expect unforgettable sex.

    If your partner cannot wait a day, does not think at all about your health and interests, then you should think about it. Is this really your man, and does he love you as he says. Most likely they are governed only by animal instincts. If this suits you, then do not take my words to heart. Hurt a living thing? Sit down and sort it out. And maybe part with such a partner. After all, the main thing is respect in relationships. It depends on the pleasure and safety.

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