• Is it possible to repair an acrylic bath?

    Not so long ago, I bought an acrylic bath and noticed a crack on it the other day. Who can tell, this can be repaired and where can I turn in St. Petersburg?
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    Answered on February 26, 18:00
    Now repair acrylic baths can be done by hand. To do this, you need to buy a repair kit in the store, with which you can remove almost any damage.
    Answered on February 26, 18:05
    It seems to me that such repairs should be done by a specialist. My friend bought a repair kit and rubbed scratches on it himself, as a result, the places where repairs were made are still visible.
    Answered on February 26, 18:09
    In order for any damage on the bath to be qualitatively fixed, you need to contact specialists who have been engaged in such repairs for several years and have a lot of practice.

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