• Should I call the former?

    There are no other reasons to call a former person and can not be. I never called the former: for me this man disappeared without a trace, was - and now he is not. To get rid of this obsession, hurt pride, I, for example, used this technique. Very vividly imagined the funeral of the former. She cried, suffered, but thought through every detail of the funeral. Yes, it is cruel and not everyone will do; more precisely, it will suit those who have a strong enough will. But it became easier for just a couple of days, and the urge to call and prove something to my exe after such an imaginary funeral did not arise for sure.

    Should I call the former?

    But all the same there was one time when I broke. Just did not call, and so shallowly and mentally shat. Being in one very important state institution, I suddenly encountered him, saw next to him a bunch of very important people. And she could not resist, so maliciously asked: “Oh, are you still alive? And no one has ever nailed such a kinokruta, I must! ”And, equaling his back and step, with a proud and independent look, followed further, while my ex mumbled something apologetic to his colleagues.

    Believe on the word: to call the former is a taboo.It is necessary to remove its number from the list of contacts, to ban it forever in all messengers - this is the first thing to do after breaking up. With this begins its own therapy to restore self-esteem and other feelings affected by the gap, regardless of what was the reason for separation.

    Very often the usual reason for a real call becomes the real reason for any call. This person used you, your time, wasting your feelings and did not justify hopes for a joint future. Is not it? Why continue to waste your emotions and time on this person? Prove to him that you are fine, and his new passion is bad? Fi, not even worth the money spent on the call.

    Out of sight, out of mind! Therefore, any impulse to call your ex consider everything in one way: is everything okay in your life? I often noticed from my friends that such a transfer of their own problems to the former. Problems at work? We call the former. Problems with personal life - call again. They manage to start calling for perfect details like a broken tap. They don’t call just for one reason: when everything is all right with them.

    Should I call the former?

    So, as soon as your hand reached for the phone, we stop! And carefully consider your life, what's wrong with it? And how, in this case, can a FULLY FARNESSED MAN HELP YOU?

    But it does not help in any way, like all other outsiders - from the word at all, only to gloat.

    You do not want to solve your problems at all; In addition, you will expose yourself round and unhappy fool. He is gone, he is no more, point. Call the plumbing or girlfriend, I will be more confused. Otherwise, after such a careless act, devastation and disappointment will come, above all, in oneself.

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