• Is pneumonia contagious?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    December 24, 2012
    Is pneumonia contagious?

    The philistine, of course, is unlikely to agree with this statement. However, scientists, based on the results of their research, made a different conclusion. So is pneumonia contagious? Now this question is answered in the affirmative. After research and processing statistics, American scientists found that pneumonia ranks 4th in mortality, second only to heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

    We give one fact. Physicians working in the pulmonary department (where they are treated for pneumonia) almost every year suffer, if not pneumonia, then other diseases that are associated with the respiratory organs.

    It is scientifically confirmed that a patient with pneumonia secretes pathogens of this disease. The most dangerous types of pneumonia are mycoplasmosis, caseous and chlamydia.

    Risk groups

    Most often, people with weakened immunity become infected with pneumonia. These include:

    • alcoholics;
    • addicts;
    • people who have had SARS and colds;
    • postpartum women;
    • people who have undergone surgery.

    How does the infection occur?

    There are 3 variants of pneumonia infection.

    1. Hospital pneumonia. The disease is caused by gram-negative bacilli, staphylococci, pneumoclamidiosis and anaerobes. Transmitted from person to person. Mortality among patients with this form reaches 70%.
    2. Community-acquired pneumonia. Such pneumonia is not dangerous if the person has good immunity. As a rule, this form is cured.
    3. Infectious pneumonia. It is transmitted from the patient to a healthy person. The purulent flora appearing in a patient is very difficult to treat. Death occurs in 90% of cases.

    Summing up, let's answer the question, is pneumonia contagious or not? It is now clear that a positive answer should be given. Since at the moment no one can be firmly confident in their immunity.

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