• Is there damage on me?

    If a person in life suddenly has several negative events for no specific reason, then he begins to ask himself: is there any damage to me? Many people immediately go to clairvoyants and healers to confirm their assumptions. But in order to do this, it is not at all necessary to turn to someone for help; you can find this out at home; all you need to do is to know how to diagnose damage.

    Inspecting the apartment

    First of all, you should carefully inspect the apartment or house, on the subject of any extra, unfamiliar, alien things that you did not buy and do not know how it came to you. Perhaps you will find needles, feathers, small money, they may contain evil will, because some detractor has done a lot of slander on them. All this should be immediately thrown out, then things will go smoothly and everything will gradually “settle down”.

    Determine the damage with the help of Hypericum

    Help in determining the damage and medicinal plants. Before you check whether there is damage, you should get a hunter, which since ancient times was known as grass that can keep from misfortunes and misfortunes.To find out if there is a person in the family, on whom damage has been induced, it is necessary to put a branch of Hypericum in the corner of each room. In what room the grass would almost immediately wither, on which the damage was imposed.

    If the St. John's wort does not fade equally long in all rooms, then this means damage to the family, no. But it is better not to throw away the Hypericum, because it keeps calm at home. In addition, a piece of dry Hypericum, as a charm can be sewn into clothing.

    Determine the damage with things

    • A reliable means of testing for damage is the stone "tiger eye". It is necessary to eat nothing 5 hours before sleep, and say before bedtime: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." After that you should put a stone under the pillow, as a rule, in a dream you should see the person who spoiled you, and also under what circumstances it was done and how the damage affects you.
    • You can also check if the damage is not induced with church candles. It should be late in the evening, put 3 church candles on the table, read the prayer to the Virgin and cross over 3 times. If the flame of candles during the reading of the prayer was strongly swaying, cracking and chadilo, it means that someone has spoiled you and you need to urgently take any action.
    • Significant help in determining the damage can have a cat, it is better if it is black. The ideal option would be if black fuzzy lives with you, then its sensitivity is greatly exacerbated. But if you take someone else's cat, then she needs to give time to get comfortable in your home. You need to pick up a cat when it is calm, and hold on your lap for ten minutes. If she was suddenly nervous in your hands, began to burst out, get angry, or meow and scratch piteously, it means that she felt something was wrong. In addition, any cat will tell you exactly where negative energy has accumulated, it usually does not sit there, bypassing it. By the behavior of the cat you can also find out which of the guests wishes you evil. Usually from such people she runs away and hisses on them, if this is repeated every time, then you should seriously think about it.

    Can i damage

    Many people think about whether I can damage it? The answer is yes. Mystics of various stripes believe that anyone can damage things without even knowing it. It is enough to emotionally wish the person something bad and the mechanism to start.Also, any person can read a plot or spell to induce damage, such damage will be even stronger. Now you know how to find out whether the damage is induced and you can quickly diagnose it and turn to the clairvoyant to remove it. The main thing - to apply only to proven psychics.

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