• Israeli couscous with zucchini and green peas

    Classics of the genre on the Middle Eastern gastronomic manners. Once in Israel, Ben-Gurion "invented" petite - small dumplings, similar to small pasta. With zucchini and green peas, Israeli couscous is a new reading for the fudi world.

    Photo: Elena Moskalenko
    Zucchini400–450 gramsPetit400 gramsBulb onions1 pieceGarlic2 teethChicken fillet400 gramsGreen peas120 gramsGround paprika1 tbsp.Ground black pepper1 tbsp.Olive oil30 milliliters
    For filing
    Fresh basil
    • Servings:
    • Step 1.Cook couscous.

      Boil Israeli couscous in boiling salted water. Discard the strainer and pour 10 ml of olive oil - mix.

    • Step 2.Zucchini processing.

      Wash zucchini, dry, grate on a medium grater.

    • Step 3.Chicken fillet.

      Chicken fillet chopped. Chop the onion and garlic in a hot olive oil, add chicken fillet and cook until lightly blush.

    • Step 4.Roasting

      Add grated zucchini to chicken with vegetables. Fry on intense fire for 2–3 minutes.

    • Step 5.Boiling.

      Salt the chicken fillet with vegetables, season with black pepper and ground paprika - pour half a glass of water into the pan, bring the vegetable sauce to a boil.

    • Step 6.We mix.

      Mix Israeli couscous with vegetable sauce, heat it, and if necessary, level it with salt.

    • Step 7.Innings.

      Ready Israeli couscous spread out in portions, sprinkle with green peas each.

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