• Japanese panels and Roman blinds - season trends

    Supporters of extraordinary decisions and admirers of minimalism this year will appreciate the range of Japanese and Roman curtains. Visiting, you will find a rich selection of colors and textures that will allow you to choose an effective solution for any interior.

    Japanese panels - stylish decor

    These portieres have received the name thanks to unusual appearance. Japanese panels are strips of fabric with a width of 0.4-0.8 meters, stretched over a frame. The upper part of the structure is mounted on the eaves, and the lower part is equipped with a weighting agent that does not allow curtains to fold.

    Visiting the store curtains, you can easily find out the Japanese panels on the characteristic flatness and correctness of the bands. Before fixing the canvas on the frame, it is carefully ironed, eliminating creases that can spoil the overall impression.

    Japanese panels are used for the decoration of window and door openings, division of space into functional zones.In many ways, the popularity of this type of curtains is due to their ability to give a sense of eco-balance and complete harmony.

    Japanese panels, or as they are called, screen curtains, you can layered one on another, creating an interesting room lighting. The fabric is fixed on the eaves with a special tape. In Japanese curtains, up to a dozen canvases of different colors and textures can be used on one ledge, which allows changing the character of the room depending on the mood. And such a service as a drawing of a thermal drawing will completely make the curtains exclusive.

    The modern shop of curtains is able to offer a wide selection of Japanese panels, with the help of which you can visually expand the space and at the same time reliably protect it from sunlight.

    Roman curtains - the secret of popularity

    Roman porters, due to their elegance and functionality, surely occupy one of the highest positions in the field of window decor. They can decorate any room, starting with the bedroom and ending with the office.

    Roman porters are a structure that includes a frame and a flat canvas with control rods threaded through it.The rods are arranged horizontally, which allows you to create beautiful folds. At the bottom of the design is a weighting agent. The adjustment is made by means of a string or chain mechanism, which makes it possible to stop the Roman blinds at any height.

    Today, visiting the store curtains, you can buy the option that best fits into your interior. These can be panels of dense or transparent fabrics, with varying degrees of light transmission, different textures, with or without a pattern.

    Gobelin Roman portieres are considered to be classic. The most popular curtains are velvet, brocade or organza. Roman panels look great on loggias and balconies, on the windows of bathrooms and kitchens. They will organically fit into the interiors in the style of hi-tech, minimalism, modern, art déco, can be used in classical and Japanese decor.

    To create a cozy atmosphere, Roman blinds can be combined with straight curtains and lambrequins. You can install double Roman curtains, some of which are made of a more dense material, others - from a translucent fabric.

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