• Kaya Gerber showed empty neckline

    Deep-cut fans only saw the edges of the model.

    No matter how much fashion designers say about body positivism and flirting with donuts, models are still on the podium. And some look so that they urgently want to feed something tasty and high-calorie. For example, one of the most promising young models is Kaya Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford.

    If Kai's face looks exactly like her famous mother, then the figure clearly didn’t go into her. Cindy from her youth showed very appetizing forms. And Kaya constantly gives a reason to suspect her of anorexia.

    Kaya gerber
    Photo: Legion-media.ru

    So this time, when she appeared in public in a short white dress with a very deep neckline, fans advised her to eat better. Indeed, in the neckline instead of the model’s chest, only the ribs were visible, and the Gerber legs looked more like matches.

    Now the weight of the girl, according to friends, with a growth of 175 centimeters is only 40 kilograms.And such a weight badly affects not only the girl’s body, which, with all the desire, cannot be called seductive, but also on her face.

    For example, at the Chanel show, paparazzi captured Gerber during a show. Her face showed huge circles under the eyes that even the best makeup artists of the brand could not disguise. And recently, on a selfie in her microblog, Kaya, even with the help of filters, could not hide bruises under her eyelids and fine wrinkles. It would be better for her to take an example from her mother, who in her 52 years can seem to fans without makeup and receive hundreds of compliments.

    And the example of other stars proves: you cannot launch yourself, but too much thinness has never graced anyone.

    One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, loses her beauty every year. And all due to the fact that her kilograms are melting before our eyes. When Jolie got divorced from Pitt, she didn’t eat anything because of stress and lost 34 kilograms. Two years have passed since then, and even in weight she gained a little, her hands are still thin, like sticks, and her legs look like matches. Attractiveness bulging bones she just does not give.

    Emily Clark, the beloved Dragon Mother of all, has never been thin.It was her slightly curvaceous form that gave her some charm. However, now everyone has noticed that the star has rapidly lost weight: his hands have become thinner, his chest has disappeared somewhere. Instagram star breaks from the comments of followers who wonder why she lost so much and write that Emilia has lost all sexuality.

    The same thing happened with the model Gigi Hadid. A couple of years ago, when she was just starting her career, everyone was discussing the fact that she was a little out of the general background of thin models with her volumes. Then the star could not be called thin: she had moderately voluminous buttocks and thighs, a magnificent breast, and the waist was not aspen. But a couple of years passed, and the star began to lose weight to match her colleagues.

    We collected a whole gallery of stars that began to look worse after losing weight.

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