• Kim Kardashian showed the most unfortunate image of this summer

    The star exposed her ribs and once again exposed herself in an unfavorable light.

    And again, Kanye West's wife surprises with her images. At this time, one of the recognized style queens and trend setter gathered, it seems, all the unreadable things and put them on together to stroll through hot Los Angeles. Kim chose tight cropped leggings from black velor and really surprised with a top - a black strip of fabric barely covers the chest (however, everyone is used to it) and hangs right down to the end of leggings.

    Kim complemented her image with the brightest anti-trend of this summer - transparent mules. So for the clothes, not everyone even saw that the star again decided to change her hairstyle - Kardashian cut off the square.

    But fans and detractors turned their attention to the edges of the star, which are very unprofitable stuck out from under the top.

    Photo: Getty Images

    This part of the body of the model has more than once become a subject for discussion.Experts even believe that after the second birth the star has removed its ribs to continue to surprise Instagram subscribers with its wasp waist, which, as noted by plastic surgeons, can only be achieved surgically. Well, or using a photo editor before publishing.

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